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  • Dear MBFS Families,

    During the final grading period, FSA and EOC testing and the end of year activities are taking place.  Testing takes place for all students grades 3-8.  All testing is held on school grounds (including all current virtual students).  Our virtual students are tested separately from our current face to face students in order to meet CDC safety guidelines. 

    Once testing has concluded we will celebrate the end of the year with activities to recognize student achievements and grade level promotion.  These activities may look different, but they will be safe.

    We have listed dates and times for each activity and are hopeful that we will have full student participation. 

    Mr. Chris Ateek,

                                                                  Madeira Beach Fundametal


    F2F= Face to Face students

    MyPCS= Virtual students

    K5 virtual students arrive at 745A for testing on site (approx. pick up time is 1030A)

    **MyPCS Middle grades students test at 8A and/ or 11A (approx. pick up times are 1030A and 1P)

    CBT= Computer Based Testing

    PBT= Paper Based Testing


    4,5        5th Grade FSA ELA Reading-PBT - F2F/ MyPCS                

    4,5        6th Grade FSA ELA Reading-PBT - F2F

    4,5        7th and 8th FSA Grade ELA Reading-CBT - F2F      

    **6,7     6th Grade FSA Reading-PBT - MyPCS/ 8A     

    **6,7     7th Grade FSA ELA Reading-CBT - MyPCS/ 8A     

    ** 6,7    8th Grade FSA ELA Reading CBT - MyPCS/ 11A    

    10,11    6th Grade FSA Math-PBT - F2F                  

    10,11    7th & 8th Grade FSA Math-CBT - F2F                  

    10,11    Algebra 1 & Geometry EOC-CBT - F2F                  

    11,12    4th Grade FSA ELA Reading-PBT - F2F/ MyPCS    

    13, 14   3rd Grade FSA Math-PBT - F2F                  

    13        8th Grade Science-PBT - F2F                  

    **14      8th Grade Science-PBT 8A - MyPCS/ 8A     

    **17,18 6th Grade FSA Math-PBT - MyPCS/ 8A                 

    **17,18 7th Grade FSA Math-CBT - MyPCS/8A      

    **17,18 8th Grade FSA Math, Alg 1, Geometry-CBT - MyPCS /11A    

    19,20    4th & 5th Grade FSA Math-PBT - F2F/MyPCS

    **21      Civics EOC (7th & 8th) 8A - F2F/MyPCS 8A

    25, 26   5th Grade Science - F2F/MyPCS




    3          Final Exams Middle School                 Periods 1 and 2

    4          Final Exams Middle School                 Periods 3 and 4

    7          Final Exams Middle School                 Period 5 and 6

    8          Final Exams Middle School                 Period 7


    END OF YEAR EVENTS (Times and locations are tentative and subject to change or cancellation, based on CDC recommendations and state and local health and safety guidelines).


    27        End of the Year Middle Grades Choral Concert Event
                Live Streamed for parents

    28        K5 Field Day


    1-9       MBFS Spirit Week/ Spirit Days TBA

    2          End of the Year Middle Grades Band Concert Event
                Live Streamed for parents

    4          8th grade Movie night/ and dinner, 6P- 8P

    4          Yearbook Distribution 8th grade

    7          Yearbook distribution (except 8th grade)

    7-9       Recognition Week (Recognition Activities take place in classes across campus).

    7          K promotion ceremony K promotion ceremony

    7          MBFS Alum 12th grade car parade

    8          5th grade awards, 830A Event
                Live Streamed for parents

    8          6th grade awards, 1236P Event
                Live Streamed for parents

    8          7th grade awards 120P Event
                Live Streamed for parents

    9          8th grade Celebration Day Breakfast, 1st & 2nd Period

    9          8th grade Celebration Day Awards ceremony 3rd & 4th period
                Live Streamed for parents

    9          8th grade Celebration Day End of the Year video 7th period

    9          Last Day of School (Early Dismissal 1155A K5/ 1215P MS)


    MBFS Digital Learning Guidelines
    PLEASE on links below:

    MBFS Virtual School Student Expectations

    Appropriate Computer Use Policy

    Computer Etiquette


    For MyPCS Information on Digital Learning...including Canvas parent training and tech help,

    click on the link below:

    Digital Learning Students & Families Webpage


  • Virtual School

    Virtual Attendance Matters!

    Click on the link below for a message from Principal Ateek:

    Virtual Attendance Matters

    Welcome to MadFun MyPCS virtual school. As always, student attendance MATTERS. A lot of things have changed, but one thing has not. Student attendance matters. Every student, every day. Students must follow the regular school schedule and check in for attendance at the beginning of the school day for ES and in each class at the beginning of each period for MS. We do understand there will be times when this is not possible understanding that technology availability and parent support differs from home to home, but let’s do our best to get into a routine.

    If you're having connection or technology issues, check out the digital learning page from Pinellas County Schools at  Also, help with technical issues is available by calling District Tech Support at 727.588.6060.



  • Summer Bridge

    Face-to-face Summer Bridge programs will be offered this summer! Summer Bridge provides engaging activities to prepare students for maximum success when the next school year begins.

    Register now for ES and MS programs at the link below:

    Summer Bridge

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  • FSA/EOC Testing Schedule

    Please click on the link below to view the April/May assessment schedule for F2F and MyPCS students.

    Assessment Schedule

    Important message

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  • Welcome to 6th Grade

    Thank you for joining us for the 6th grade orientation Expo Night!

    For more information for incoming 6th grade students, please visit our 6th grade webpage by clicking on the link below.

    "Welcome to 6th Grade" webpage


      6th Grade

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  • MS Course Selection Information

    Looking for information about course selections for the next school year? 

    Please go to the About Us tab above and select Course Information OR click on the link below:

    Course Information 

    You'll find videos hosted by our Guidance team with all the information you need to know to select courses and complete your Course Selection Sheet .  Need help planning for high school?  You'll find that information also.

    High School planning

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  • Important Updates for
    MyPCS Families

    Click on the link below to access Virtual Canvas Parent Training on the Learning Management System that will be used this year.

    Parent Canvas Training

    Parent Canvas Training

    For help with some common technology issues, click on the link below:

    Tech Tips

    For help with some of the programs in Clever, e.g., Istation, Khan Academy, click on the link below:

    Clever at Home

    For information on accessing Teams from a home computer, click on the link below:

    Teams on Home Computer

     For MyPCS students who received a home computer Spring 2020 and are experiencing technical issues, please contact Mrs. Ivy in the MS front office or Mrs. Foushee at to arrange a time to drop the computer off at the school for updates.       

                               Important message     

    Families who recieved a school computer Spring 2020 who would like to return their device will need to return the computer to Mrs. Ivy in the MS front office.

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  • Support for ES Students & Covid-19

    Please click on the link below to access support from our Guidance team for your elementary school student:

    Coping with Covid-19-ES

    Support for MS Students & Covid-19

    Please click on the link below to access support from our Guidance team for your middle or high school student:

    Coping with Covid-19-MS

    Coping with Covid-19


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