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  • Dear MBFS Families,

    I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for staff, parents and children alike.  Our gradual return to school is an important and hopefully welcome step. Each day I speak with our school nurse, leadership team, and student services members to get updated on the status of the virus and our students.  Nearly every interaction I have with stakeholders is focused on safety and prevention. Things have changed dramatically for us all and it feels as if it happened overnight.

    Our restart continues for many of our returning families Tuesday, October 27.  For those families who are returning to the building or learning from home, we will continue to revise our processes and procedures to be prepared.  Please be patient while we do this-- keeping our students and staff safe, healthy, and learning is our top priority.  As it relates to student learning, updates to school and student schedules due to Learning Option selections, are being made.  It is possible some of your child’s teachers from the first quarter may change in the second quarter to meet all student needs.  Please do not feel stressed if your child experiences a schedule change--we have a tremendous teaching staff ready to serve your student's needs. Our goal is to distribute new schedules to those students affected by Tuesday, October 27. Of course, students can also see updated schedules in their student Focus accounts.  There are many moving parts, so please allow school staff the time to complete this process.

    Prior to coming to school, please conduct a daily MORNING CHECK-IN.  If your child is presenting even one COVID symptom, please keep them home from school.  If your child experiences any of the symptoms listed below while at school, school staff will notify you and ask that you pick up your child.          

    Fever ≥100.4°F via no-contact thermometer
    Cough (new or worsening)
    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    Vomiting (one episode)
    Diarrhea (one episode)
    Muscle/body aches
    New decrease in taste or smell
    Sore throat
    New congestion or runny nose

    We appreciate your understanding.  If you should ever have questions, I can be reached at

    Thank you for always bringing the madfun.

    Mr. Ateek,

    Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Madfun

    Q. What are the student's hours?  
    ES  7:45A - 1:55P
    MS  7:45A - 2:15P

    Virtual Instruction

    Q. When does VIRTUAL LEARNING take place?


    Live instruction will take place every day, Monday through Friday 7:45A- 1:55P. Students will meet with their teacher each morning. The teacher will use a schedule that combines direct teaching, independent work, posted assignments (asynchronous instruction), learning, and small group instruction.  Students and parents should expect to follow a full schedule.  Students will be ‘live’ with their teacher a minimum of four times each day. 


    Classes and students will follow a regular seven period schedule daily, Monday through Friday 7:45A- 2:15P —live instruction will take place four days each week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Posted assignments live office hours, and small group or individual instruction will occur on Fridays. 

    Q. What are the daily MS class schedules?

    SCHEDULE A (mostly 6th graders)

    1st Period 7:45A- 8:36A

    2nd Period 8:40A- 9:26A

    3rd Period 930A- 10:16A

    LUNCH A 10:16A- 10:46A

    4th Period 10:50A- 11:36A

    5th Period 11:40A- 12:26A

    6th Period 12:30P- 1:16P

    7th Period 1:20P- 2:15P


    SCHEDULE B (mostly 7th graders)

    1st Period 7:45A- 8:36A

    2nd Period 8:40A- 9:26A

    3rd Period 930A- 10:16A

    4th Period 10:20A- 11:06A

    LUNCH B 11:06A- 11:36A

    5th Period 11:40A- 12:26P

    6th Period 12:30P- 1:16P

    7th Period 1:20P- 2:15P


    SCHEDULE C (mostly 8th graders)

    1st Period 7:45A- 8:36A

    2nd Period 8:40A- 9:26A

    3rd Period 9:30A- 10:16A

    4th Period 10:20A- 11:06A

    5th Period 11:10A- 11:56A

    LUNCH 11:56A- 12:26P

    6th Period 12:30P- 1:16P

    7th Period 1:20P- 2:15P


    Traditional Instruction
    (Please see ABOVE for Parent Student Wellness Expectations)

    Q. What is the protocol if my child experiences any of the COVID symptoms listed above?
    If a student exhibits any of the symptoms above while at school, they will receive care in a space away from other students and staff.  A separate clinic space will be utilized for everyday student care. Parents will be called to pick up their child immediately.

    Q. Is my child required to wear a face mask?
    Each student is required to wear a mask.  Masks and lanyards will be provided; however students may wear their own personal masks.  Masks must cover their mouth and nose.  Students must be masked before entering campus.  Masks may not have any inappropriate words or visuals.  Students will have mask breaks throughout the day and during lunch.  Please send your child with their own mask on the first day.  Each student will be given a set of five cloth masks during the first week.  Students can wear their own as long as they are appropriate. 

    Q. How should students be dropped off and picked up?


    Part of being a good steward in our community is to respect the wishes of local businesses. The business community (Publix Shopping Center, Walgreen’s, McDonald’s, Chase Bank, and Extra Space Storage) and our friends at the Fisherman’s Ideal Supply House and local neighborhood request that you do not direct your children to be dropped off or picked up from their locations before or after school.  Some families block driveways to residences and or/ the entrances or exits to businesses.  They also use the businesses as a second or third car line which discourages patronage from the community. It also prevents their staff from reporting to work on time. Additionally, students just do not look out for motorists who sometimes don't see them. Staff are not available to monitor appropriate student behaviors. The school is in lock step with the businesses and does not advocate parking in private parking lots.  

    As a friendly reminder our school begins at 7:45 AM.  The elementary student day ends at 1:55PM.  The middle school day ends at 2:15 PM.   (Do not drop off your child before 7:15 AM. The latest student pick up times are 2:25 PM K5, and 2:45 PM middle grades).

    Please be mindful that our school hosts an onsite before and after school program provided thru the YMCA. They can be reached at 727.895.9622 if you are interested. This program is especially helpful for our families who need finding child care in the windows of time when the school is not in session. 

    Friendly car line reminders:

    1. Use a dashboard name sign at student pick up.  This is especially helpful so those calling names can just walk by your car and say your last name without stopping to ask you to roll down a window.
    2. Please remember to close all gaps and always pull forward when directed.
    3. Use a left turn signal to pass out of the line, and have your students drop off/ pick up ready with backpacks, folders, and music instruments in hand, and ready to exit or enter their vehicle. 
    4. At no time should students enter vehicles from the driver’s side, nor should you get out of your vehicles when using car line.
    5. At no time should students ever walk across parking lots without an adult to chaperone them.
    6. Please refrain from cell phone use when the car is in motion.

    Q. Where do students get dropped off in the mornings?
    We ask students to do not arrive to school prior to 7:15A, and when arriving not congregate due to social distancing guidelines. If arriving before 7:15A we ask that you remain in your car with your child. 
    Parents will not be allowed to park and walk up. There will be no walk ups at this time.

    K5- At 7:15A students arrive using red loop and are dropped off at the elementary arrival gate.  They will sit at distanced at the covered PE court. Students should arrive with a mask on and practice social distancing.  At 7:30A students will report to their classroom.  Class begins at 7:45A.

    MS- At 7:15A students will arrive using the blue loop and be dropped off anyplace across the front of the school.  Students will report be distanced and report to the MS cafeteria. Students should arrive with a mask on and practice social distancing.  At 7:30A students will report to their classroom via the Dolphin gate until 7:45A. (After 7:45A students can only enter thru the front office). Class begins at 7:45A

    Q. What time are students allowed on campus?

    Q. What if students arrive at school prior to 7:15A?
    Families should remain with their student in their car.

    Q. Where do the students go for breakfast?
    All breakfasts will be pre-packaged and available via a bag, clamshell box or a wrapped serving plate as a “Grab and Go” breakfast. Students will have a choice of a hot or cold entrée, choice of milk flavor, fruit choice and an orange juice.

    K5 breakfast will be served by cart at the elementary car circle by the gate, and students will sit at the benches. At 7:30A students needing breakfast will bring breakfast to class. 

    MS breakfast will be served in MS Cafeteria using a cart at 7:15A. At 7:30A students needing breakfast will receive their breakfast at the MS cafeteria and bring their breakfast to class.   

    Q. Will students get breakfast if they are tardy?
    If a student arrives after 7:45A breakfast may not be available.


    Q. How will students be dismissed?
    There will be a staggered dismissal process to ensure social distancing. Parents will NOT be permitted to park and walk up to pick up their child at this time.  You will be required to use the car line.  All car riders will remain in their classrooms until they are called to come to the car line. Once social distancing can be assured, students will report holding areas for pick up. We are continuing to work through the logistics and refine this process.  Please be patient as we do our best to keep your child safe and healthy. 


    Each day our school will be thoroughly cleaned using a rigorous protocol outlined by our District.   Our plant operators will also be cleaning high touch surfaces throughout the day.  Teachers will be provided with their own individual, safety approved sanitizing products so that classrooms can be wiped down throughout the day. Videos are available for your view on at

    Q. What are the classroom safety protocols? 
    Handwashing protocols will be built into the daily schedule:
     Visuals will be provided to each school with self-contained classrooms for placement within each classroom.  Any time a student is using shared materials, they would be washing hands at the transition time.

    Social Distancing: Students will be socially distanced to the greatest extent possible.  When it is not possible to socially distance, students should engage in more frequent hand washing, and whenever possible, wear masks/face coverings.

    Personal Protective Equipment- PPE (masks, face coverings and shields): Understanding that there may be students, due to the nature of their disabilities, who will not be able to wear/utilize a mask/face covering, staff in those cases will need to wear a mask/face covering and shield. In addition, social distancing to the maximum extent possible should be considered when developing lessons and activities. Therapists, teachers and other staff working with students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing, will need to wear face shields, but not masks/face coverings to ensure proper communication.  Shields will also be worn by all Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) when providing therapy and students should wear shields for speech therapy.  For staff that may not be able to socially distance, it is expected that they wear appropriate PPE as determined by the ESE department. Staff will receive training regarding processes and procedures for delivery of services.

    Student Instructional Components Regarding COVID-19: Social stories will be provided to staff and will be included in instruction upon return to school.  These social stories are focused on developing understanding of new protocols and the importance of maintaining healthy processes and decisions.  In addition, visuals for lining up, hand washing, schedule and classroom routines will be provided to schools and should be posted where students are able to see them.  The routines should be practiced during the school day.

    Equipment and Material Cleaning – Where possible, students should have individual sensory items, classroom tools (e.g. Pencils, crayons, etc.) that are in separate containers. In most cases, students will follow the expectations set forth for all classrooms.  In circumstances where students are included, but there are additional considerations noted above, such as sensory concerns that prohibit the wearing of masks/face coverings, a shield will be recommended.  If a shield and mask/face covering are not possible, then the student will need to engage in frequent hand washing and social distancing from other students will be maximized.  Visuals and social stories will be available to any classroom that needs them.

    Classroom/school Environment: Classrooms have been arranged to optimize social distancing guidelines.   In classrooms with tables student seating will be separated with plexiglass shields.  Waterless soap stations are located throughout the campus to ensure that students clean their hands throughout the day. Teachers will require students to clean their hands before and after all transitions.  Students may bring their own sanitizer to school and will have access to it throughout the day.  Students will transition to the art/music/ PE areas for specials. One way hallways have been created to maximize distancing.

    All lunches will be pre-packaged and available via a clamshell box or a wrapped serving plate. Students will have a choice of: · a hot entrée, cold sandwich, peanut butter and Jelly, or an entrée salad, choice of milk flavor, fruit and vegetable

    Lunch will be served through the existing serving lines and/ or mobile carts will be used when feasible. If mobile carts are used, schools must establish serving lines with social distancing reminders to discourage students from clustering around the mobile carts.

    Q. Do students eat in the cafeteria?
    Yes. And in other places too.  Two large rooms have been been converted to MS cafes so as to adhere to our social distancing guidelines.

    Q. Will students stand in line to get their lunches in the cafeteria?  How will they be able to social distance?
    Each teacher will have an assigned table/ area for lunch.  All teachers will walk their students to the assigned table/area and then leave for lunch.  Students may receive a choice of a hot or cold entrée, choice of milk flavor, fruit choice and an orange juice as pre-packaged lunch and available via a bag, clamshell box or a wrapped serving plate. Students may be served by cart or serving line

    Q. Are visitors allowed on campus?  At this time, we are unable to have volunteers or family events on campus.  Once guidelines are changed, we will welcome all our families back on campus.  Our Annual Title I Meeting and Open House will be held virtually. 

    MBFS Fundamental Guidelines

    • Sign the parent commitment letter affirming, in writing, that they will abide by all policies, procedures, and rules of the school as a condition of enrollment.
    • Understand that fundamental schools are designed for those students who excel in a structured learning environment.  
    • Understand that continued enrollment in this school depends on cooperation and compliance with all fundamental policies and procedures.
    • Adhere to the parent/guardian requirements concerning attendance at Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), School Advisory Council (SAC) or other approved meetings. Required parent general membership meeting requirements are postponed thru December 2020.

    Attend parent/teacher conferences, when requested. At the elementary level, parents must attend at least three conferences per school year. Parent conferences, (including Open House) will be held virtually thru December 2020.

    • Adhere to the Homework/Classwork Guidelines and Discipline Guidelines.
    • Review and sign all homework assignments and agenda book nightly

    Acceptable dress in K5 traditional:

    • Since locker rooms will not be utilized, and students will not need to change into ‘PE clothing, Shorts WILL be permitted. Shorts, skirts, or dresses may not be shorter than three inches above the knee. Cargo shorts – uniform or non-uniform – are not acceptable thru December 2020.
    • Shirts, blouses, sweaters with sleeves
    • Jeans, pants, slacks, sweat pants, nylon jogging pants
    • Shorts, skirts, or dresses may not be shorter than three inches above the knee.
    • Sweaters or jackets when desired
    • Leggings or jeggings can be worn with a skirt or dress.  Skirts or dresses must be no more than three inches above the knee even when wearing leggings or jeggings.

    Unacceptable dress in K5 traditional:

    • Sleeveless shirts, tank tops, sleeveless dresses, or sleeveless blouses
    • Pants shorter than ankle length (unless they are approved shorts)
    • Clothing that has holes or tears on knees, front, back, or other strategically placed locations
    • Bare-midriff dresses, blouses, or shirts
    • See-through shirts or blouses, halter dresses, or “tops” with spaghetti straps
    • Skorts, culottes, or divided skirts
    • Backless shoes, thongs, or sandals
    • Hats, sunglasses, and bandanas, except when permitted by Administration
    • Clothing which displays profanity, sexually suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or advertisements for such products or other phrases
    • Any item of clothing deemed disruptive by school administration
    • Skirts must be no more than three inches above the knee, even with leggings, or jeggings.
    • Spandex, jeggings or leggings with a shirt, pajamas, or yoga pants would NOT be appropriate.  
    • Prohibited are hairstyles and unnatural hair colors (to include streaks) (ex: red, blue, green hair not permitted), and other fashion styles, which are disruptive to the school environment or educational process.

    Acceptable dress in the fundamental middle school includes:

    • Since locker rooms will not be utilized, and students will not need to change into ‘PE clothing, shorts WILL be permitted. Shorts, skirts, or dresses may not be shorter than three inches above the knee. Cargo shorts – uniform or non-uniform – are not acceptable thru December 2020.
    • Dresses or skirts may be no shorter than 3” above the knee (including when leggings or jeggings are worn underneath)
    • Top of the slit in a skirt may be no more than 3” above the knee
    • Leggings or jeggings as long as the skirt or dress is no more than 3” above the knee.
    • Ankle-length pants or slacks, nylon jogging pants, sweat pants
    • Shirts, blouses and/or sweaters for both boys and girls – at no time should bare midriff be exposed including sitting, bending, standing or raising your hands over your head.  All shirts, tops, and dresses shall have sleeves and cover the shoulders.
    • Shoes with some form of heel straps
    • Clothing as outlined in special bulletins for special events


    Unacceptable dress in the fundamental middle school includes:

    • Dresses, shirts, and blouses, which bare the midriff
    • Culottes or skorts
    • Tank tops
    • Hats, head coverings such as scarves or bandanas
    • Thongs/flip-flops, sandals and shoes without back straps  
    • See-through clothing
    • Halter dresses or blouses with plunging necklines
    • Hats, sunglasses and bandanas, except when permitted by Administration
    • Visible body piercing (except ears)
    • Clothing disruptive to the learning environment
    • Exposed tattoos, real or drawn
    • Any writing or drawing on the body
    • Neck collars such as dog collars or other heavy chains
    • Clothing and/or jewelry depicting profanity, violence, weapons, sexually suggestive signs or symbols, drugs/tobacco/alcohol, cults/gangs, groups/clubs and organizations/activities
    • Spandex, jeggings, leggings, pajamas or yoga pants would NOT be appropriate.  
    • No loungewear. This includes pajamas, or pajama type clothing, yoga pants, spandex, slippers are not allowed under any circumstances
    • Distracting styles, including but not limited to, dark mascara, black nail polish
    • Jeans or pants that have holes or tears on knees, front, back, or other strategically placed locations and frayed edges
    • No unnatural hair color (to include streaks) (ex: red, blue, green hair not permitted)

    This is an important message regarding the first day of brick and mortar school for 2020-2021 for some current 7th graders
    By law, 7th grade students will not be permitted to attend class without proof of the required immunizations or valid documented exemption.  Students will need to have received one T-D-A-P booster and two chickenpox vaccines.  Pinellas County Schools are required to enforce these immunization requirements and strongly encourage you to get this completed as soon as possible.
    After your child has received these vaccines, please turn in a completed certificate of immunization or exemption to the school.
    You can contact your child’s healthcare provider to request these vaccines.  If your child does not have a healthcare provider, immunizations are available at no cost at your local Department of Health location, no appointment is needed.
    If you have any questions about these vaccine requirements, you are welcome to call the School Health Services department at 588-6320 for assistance.
    We hope that all students are prepared for seventh grade!  Thank you for your attention to this matter.






    MBFS Digital Learning Guidelines
    PLEASE on links below:

    MBFS Virtual School Student Expectations

    Appropriate Computer Use Policy

    Computer Etiquette


    For MyPCS Information on Digital Learning...including Canvas parent training and tech help,

    click on the link below:

    Digital Learning Students & Families Webpage


  • Virtual School

    Virtual Attendance Matters!

    Click on the link below for a message from Principal Ateek:

    Virtual Attendance Matters

    Welcome to MadFun MyPCS virtual school. As always, student attendance MATTERS. A lot of things have changed, but one thing has not. Student attendance matters. Every student, every day. Students must follow the regular school schedule and check in for attendance at the beginning of the school day for ES and in each class at the beginning of each period for MS. We do understand there will be times when this is not possible understanding that technology availability and parent support differs from home to home, but let’s do our best to get into a routine.

    If you're having connection or technology issues, check out the digital learning page from Pinellas County Schools at  Also, help with technical issues is available by calling District Tech Support at 727.588.6060.



  • Candy Crawl
    Friday, Oct. 23rd

    6:00pm - 7:00pm

    Goblins and Ghouls, join us for our first ever Drive-Thru Candy Crawl! Click the link below to get all the information you need in order to participate.

    Candy Crawl Info


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  • PTSA FAll Fundraiser
    Oct 6th-23rd

    Our Fall Fundraiser is in full swing! We have parterned with Boon Supply for a 100% VIRTUAL fundrasier. To get started...go to and register as a seller. Click on the rocket ship to give our fundraiser a "boost." Enter at least 10 emails to friends and faimily!

    Learn more about Boon Supply Fundraising at: Boon Supply.

    FAll fundrasier

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  • Important Updates for
    MyPCS Families

    Click on the link below to access Virtual Canvas Parent Training on the Learning Management System that will be used this year.

    Parent Canvas Training

    Parent Canvas Training

    For help with some common technology issues, click on the link below:

    Tech Tips

    For help with some of the programs in Clever, e.g., Istation, Khan Academy, click on the link below:

    Clever at Home

    For information on accessing Teams from a home computer, click on the link below:

    Teams on Home Computer

     For MyPCS students who recieved a home computer Spring 2020 and are experiencing technical issues, please contact Mrs. Ivy in the MS front office or Mrs. Foushee at to arrange a time to drop the computer off at the school for updates.       

                               Important message     

    Families who recieved a school computer Spring 2020 who would like to return their device will need to return the computer to Mrs. Ivy in the MS front office.

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  • Support for ES Students & Covid-19

    Please click on the link below to access support from our Guidance team for your elementary school student:

    Coping with Covid-19-ES

    Support for MS Students & Covid-19

    Please click on the link below to access support from our Guidance team for your middle or high school student:

    Coping with Covid-19-MS

    Coping with Covid-19


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