• School Arrival

    The school day for BCHS begins at 7:10 a.m. Students may enter campus through one of the following locations:

    1. The bus lane pedestrian gate
    2. 11th avenue parking lot
    3. 58th street parking lot - front office and auditorium gate
    4. 7th avenue senior lot gate


    Parents may drop off students at one of two locations listed below:

    1. 11th avenue parking lot
    2. 58th street parking lot


    Please click here to view a map of parent drop-off locations. 

    Late Arrival to School

    All student entrances listed above will be closed and locked by 7:15 a.m. Students arriving at school after 7:15 a.m. must enter through the front office and sign-in. Late students will receive a time stamp, "Late Arrival" pass. Students will have seven minutes to make it to class after signing-in. 


    The BCHS bell schedules allows for seven minutes of passing time during class change. Students will hear a 3-minute warning bell before the tardy bell rings. Students who do not make it to class before the tardy bell rings will need to report to one of four tardy kiosks:

    1. CMWP Office
    2. Fundamental Office
    3. Building 4 1st floor, outside room 4-101
    4. Building 4, 3rd floor, outside the CSL 9th and 10th grade office

    Tardy students will receive a time stamp, "Tardy" slip, and will have six minutes to make it to class. Any student who has not made it to class within 10 minutes of the tardy bell will be considered skipping.

    Tardy kiosks will be put away 4-minutes after the tardy bell. Students who do not make it to their tardy kiosk within 4-minutes of the tardy bell will be rerouted to the in-school suspension room for the remainder of the period. 

    Permission to Leave aka PTL

    Permission to leave passes or PTLs are provided for students on the request of a parent/guardian when a student needs to leave campus early. When such a need arises, parents simply need to call their child's program office or the front office at 727-893-2780 to request a PTL for their child. A school office clerk will verify the identity of the parent calling, generate the PTL and deliver it to the student's classroom, indicating to the teacher that the student has permission to leave campus. Students who leave campus without a PTL are subject to disciplinary consequences. 

    PTLs are not provided for the purpose of leaving for lunch and returning to campus. 

    Outside Food Delivery

    All Pinellas County Schools are closed campuses. This means that students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch. It also means that outside food deliveries provided by services such as Ubereats and Doordash are not permitted. Food delivered from outside services will be confiscated and held until the end of the day. 

    Parents are discouraged from delivering food from outside vendors. However, in the event a parent needs to deliver food to their child from an outside vendor, then that student will be asked to eat their food in the front office. 

    Selling of Food & Drink on Campus

    The selling of homemade and/or pre-packed food or drink by students on campus is not permitted. Students found with large quantities of homemade/pre-packed food or drink will be subjected to disciplinary consequences and the items will be confiscated.