CWMP Overview


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    Mission: The Center for Wellness and Medical Professions (CWMP) at Boca Ciega High School, utilizing an educational Community of Culturally diverse yet focused individuals, will provide a comprehensive program of preparation for post-secondary education; career skills; and unique opportunities and experiences within the health-related professions. The program will promote a lifetime commitment to individual wellness and disease prevention.

    CWMP Program Overview: The Center for Wellness and Medical Professions (CWMP) is a countywide magnet program that was established in 1994. CWMP is designed for students who are interested in careers in the field of healthcare and have a commitment to personal wellness and the prevention of disease. Admission is by application in grade 8 only, or by late application in the first and second semesters of grade 9.

    CWMP students take academic classes that fully prepare them for entry into colleges or universities with an emphasis in the sciences. At the same time, students gain valuable employment skills that are specific to healthcare professions and other jobs in general. Additionally, the program prepares students for entry level jobs that enable students to work in healthcare while allowing them to further their education, whether it is a technical school, a community college or a university.