Welcome to Bear Creek Elementary School

  •  At Bear Creek, our dedicated staff remains unwavering in their commitment to 'Show Up' for our students, families, community, and themselves. Our enduring mission is to provide every child with a challenging, high-quality education that paves the way for their academic and vocational success.

    As educators, we carry the profound responsibility of shaping young lives and making a positive impact. At Bear Creek, we are steadfast in our duty to ensure that we meet the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of each and every student. In this season of new beginnings, I extend a challenge to all: Let's not just 'Show Up' for Bear Creek, but let's continue to embrace our school's mission and vision. Our mission is clear: to offer students a high-quality education that empowers them for success academically and vocationally. Our vision is even clearer: 100% student success.

    Together, as a school community, let us rise to this challenge and work tirelessly towards the success of every child who walks through our doors. Welcome to an exciting journey at Bear Creek Elementary, where we are committed to making dreams come true for our students.