Every March, Music in our Schools Month is celebrated where there is a national awareness about having access to a quality music education available to all children. The arts are a key ingredient in creating a well-rounded human being as it teaches math through rhythm, reading through music literacy, science through sound, social studies by exploring cultures and most importantly, discipline through rigorous practice. If there is success in the music room, there is success in our school. This is one of the reasons why the Bear Creek chorus has had a wonderful year of collaboration and performances.


    As a director of music, it is a goal to foster the love of music in each individual child through song, movement, and the use of instruments. The use of “games” is especially helpful for helping a child hone their musical ability without forcing them to learn. A child at play is precious. Each child must have the opportunity to showcase their talents regardless of background even if they perform for one person or a football stadium.


    ~Mr. Tsai, Music Specialist