Digital Citizenship at Home

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    Follow along the week of October 16th-20th for Digital Citizenship week. 

    Digital Citizenship Week is a time for both parents and elementary students to focus on and explore the world of online safety and responsible digital behavior. It is up to us to help young learners become savvy, respectful, and responsible digital citizens. Join us in discovering the importance of internet etiquette, privacy, and cyberbullying prevention while having fun exploring the digital realm.

    Kids and Tech: How Much Is Too Much?


  • Digital Citizenship Week Lessons K-2

    Help our youngest learners form healthy relationships with media and tech as they Meet the Digital Citizens! As you celebrate Digital Citizenship Week, use this daily tracker to help students reflect on how they can use technology in healthy and responsible ways.


  • Digital Citizenship Week Lessons 3-5

    Building healthy habits around technology use can help your students avoid some negative impacts on their mental health and well-being. Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week with these quick activities and resources that promote digital well-being.