School Information

  • Frontier Elementary - Home of the Panthers
    Address: 6995 Hopedale Lane, Clearwater, FL 33764

    Phone: ( 727 ) 538 - 7335

    Fax: ( 727 ) 538 - 7444
    Pinellas County Schools Administration: (727) 588-6000

    Principal: Gina M. Owens

    Assistant Principal: Stephanie Stevens
    School Hours
    8:45 - a.m. - 2:55 p.m.

    YMCA Before/After school care:
    6:30 - a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Frontier Elementary School is a family and community focused school thatcelebrates the diversity of each student. We pride ourselves on our high teacher retention rate so returning students always see a familiar face. Our school has a school-wide literacy focus with the implementation of writing through all content areas. Frontier Elementary is dedicated to developing students as into thinkers and problem solvers who are ready to be contributing members of a diverse society.
    Points of Pride
    • Caring Staff that are highly trained in their field of expertise
    • Our staff go above and beyond to make sure all students are our top priority and not just the ones in our classrooms. We care for all our student's safety and their learning to make sure we continue to grow as a whole school.
    • Innovative extra-curricular clubs before and after school that allow for kids to get involved in the school and focus on strengths both inside and outside of the academic area.
    • School-wide high expectations with high support for safety, academics, behavior, and social-emotional needs
    • Diverse population
    • Family relationships are an important part of our culture. We take pride in communicating with our families in various ways (Newsletters, Dojo, phone,email, in-person) to share the success of each student and ways to increase their learning potential.
    • Frontier students have a strong support network that will encourage them to grow both academically and socially.
    Special Services and Programs
    • School Advisory Council (SAC)
    •  Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    •  DramaClub
    •  Flag Football Club
    •  Run/Walk Club
    •  Trip to Washington D.C. for 5th graders
    •  All Pro Families, Chorus
    •  Schoolwide STEM Day once per month
    • Commitment to Character celebrations
    • Safety Patrols
    • Healthy Living Cooking Club
    • MakerSpace
    • Reading Recovery Program
    • Girlfriend's Club
    • STEM Explorer Clubs
    • Onsite Tutoring
    • Principal's Multicultural AdvisoryCommittee (PMAC)
    • Students Targeted for Educational Performance (STEP)
    • Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) Club
    • Literacy Nights
    • Math Game Nights
    • Celebration of Learning Night
    • Enrichment Writing Club
    • Field Day
    • Boy’s Battle of the Books
    • ESOL Parent Meetings
    • CommunityService Projects
    • Multicultural Festival
    • Motivational and Educational Performances
    School Data Report
    School performance data can be found here SPAR Report


School Information Tips

  • School hours for students are 8:45 AM – 2:55 PM.

    Breakfast begins at 8:15 AM and will be served daily in the cafeteria until 8:40 AM. Please make sure your child is on time if he/she plans to eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

    Both breakfast and lunch are available free of charge to ALL students this year. If families need proof of free lunch, please contact Christina Boyle, cafeteria manager, at 538-7335, extension 2050.

    PPK and VPK students do receive breakfast and lunch, but are served in the classroom. All k-5 students eat in the cafeteria.

    Supervision on the campus begins at 8:15 AM. Students are NOT permitted to be dropped off prior to 8:15 AM as there is NO SUPERVISION. The gates will go up at 8:15 AM. Parents of students in grades K-5 should drop students off in the BIG car circle.

    Students are welcomed to their classrooms at 8:30 AM and are to be seated and ready to learn promptly at 8:45 AM. Students will be marked as tardy if they are not in their classrooms by 8:45 AM.

    Attendance is vital to learning and is monitored closely. Please write a note, call or email when your child is absent, providing us a reason so that we can properly document.

    Dismissal is at 2:55 PM. All car riders in grades K-5 will be dismissed to the BIG car circle in the front of the school. The bus circle is located at the back of the building off of Delta and Hopedale Lane. The Y students are also picked up from the back of the school.

    PPK and VPK students are dropped off and picked up in the LITTLE car circle at the front of the school. The PreK team will be available to assist you. Only parents with PreK students should be in the little car circle. It is not part of the front parking lot.

    Bus riders will be banded on the first day of school. We will band their backpacks. Please make sure the tags remain on their backpacks so we can ensure that all students ride the correct route home. Parents should receive a postcard from transportation in the mail with bus information. Please contact the school, 538-7335, with any questions.

    Parents of car riders will need to complete a tag with child’s name, grade and teacher to hang in the window so we can call students’ names and make sure the car circle runs smoothly.

    Parents picking up students early must come to the front office to sign their children out of school. In order to sign children out, a person MUST be listed on the clinic card and have a valid state ID. We will NOT release students otherwise.

    The YMCA is available for before/aftercare. They are located in the multipurpose room. Their phone number is 727-531-6668.

    If your child will need to have a prescription or over the counter (OTC) medication during school hours, it is important for you to visit the front office PRIOR to school starting. Both types of medication require additional paperwork that must be completed by a parent and/or doctor. Students may NOT transport any medication to school.

    Please make sure your child knows how he/she is getting home every day. Contact the front office for any changes AND write a note to your child’s teacher.

    Parents will only be allowed on campus in the morning on the first day of school to walk their child to class. After the first day, parents are not able to be on campus during arrival unless they have a prior scheduled conference.

    School supply information is on our website.

    Cell phones may be brought to school by students, but they MUST remain powered off inside backpacks. They may NOT be visible on campus at ANY time or they will be confiscated.