• Frontier PE Department

    We are proud to announce that Frontier Elementary is now a “NFL Fuel Up To Play 60” school! Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity to get involved in a fun, healthy, and important program that encourages today’s youth to eat healthier and add more movement to their day. We are looking for students who would like to be a part of our team. Once you are signed up, you will have the chance to win cool prizes, meet NFL players, and also be a part of a team that is planning new and exciting events at Frontier Elementary!!!!
                                Description: http://school.fueluptoplay60.com/images/graphic-digital_badges.png
    To sign up and to find more information, please visit http://students.fueluptoplay60.com/.

    You can also contact Coach Dreaden at dreadend@pcsb.org or Coach Baughman at baughmank@pcsb.org if you have any questions.