Physical Education

  • Your child will be participating in Physical Education for 50 minutes, three times a week at Rawlings Elementary.  By gaining early success in the basic physical skills and concepts, your child will feel better about their ability to participate in recreational activities; be more successful if they choose to compete in youth sports leagues, and find the intrinsic value of being physically active.  In addition, they will be developing lifelong physical fitness habits.  Their success in physical education impacts their success in school.


    In physical education class this year, a child in grades Pre-K through 2nd will learn and continue to refine skills and concepts centered on the following themes:


    • Body and Spatial Awareness  (moving through space by self and with others; moving in different directions; at different levels; and on different pathways)
    • Effort  (moving with variations in force, speed, and smoothness/control-“flow”)
    • Locomotor Movements (walk, run, hop, skip, jump, gallop, slide, leap)
    • Jumping and Landing  (with jump ropes, from different heights, for distance)
    • Rolling, Balancing, and Weight Transfer
    • Chasing, Fleeing, Dodging (skills used in tag and group games)
    • Throwing and Catching
    • Kicking and Punting
    • Volleying and Striking
    • Fitness
    • Cooperative activities and Relationships  (with self and objects; to partners; to groups)


    Activities for children in grades 3rd through 5th will focus on having students work on combining the basic skills and concepts listed above together into more advanced and dynamic activities. This will encourage success and learning for all students, rather than winning and competition, as their focus.


    Physical Education Expectations

    • Consider safety at all times
    • Responsibility for personal behavior
    • Respect rights and feelings of others
    • Be an active learner with all activities
    • Use equipment properly and as directed


    Illness Policy

    If your child is sick or cannot participate in physical education, please write a note to the classroom teacher or physical education teacher.  A doctor’s note will be required if the child cannot participate for more than three days.  Please notify your child’s physical education teacher directly if they have any physical or chronic health concerns that may limit their participation in P.E. class.


    Attire for Physical Education

    Proper shoes are the most important item for physical education.   Your child needs to wear sneakers or rubber soled closed toe shoes.  Boots, dress shoes, and sandals including Crocs are inappropriate for the type of activities your child will be doing in physical education.  It is advisable for girls to wear shorts under dresses or skirts so they can feel comfortable participating in all the activities we have planned.  In addition, please label all sweaters, coats and jackets. 


    If you have any questions during the year we can be reached at 547-7828.


    Thank you,


    Mrs. Wiszowaty, Mr. Haraminac, Coach Wiz