Students can now access their most frequently-used programs by going through Clever!  
     Log in to Clever, then click the icons to get on: 
    • Istation (must download the app first)
    • Dreambox
    • myON 
    ... and more!
    Want to learn more about Clever?  Get videos and other information about Clever


    Please contact your child’s teacher if you need help with student user names and passwords.




    1. Download Istation app. 
      • Click the link for instructions for downloading to a computer or iPad:
      • Istation is not recommended for Kindles because the screen is too small.

    2. Access using Clever. 






    If you have internet access at home:

    1. If you are using myON with an internet connection, no download is required.
    2. Access using Clever.


    If you do not have internet access at home:

    1. If you do not have the internet at home, you can go somewhere with internet access to download the app and some books.
    2. Take the device home, and click on the myON app (not Clever) to read books off-line.





    On a computer:

    1. If you are on a computer, no download is required.
    2. Access using Clever.


    On an iPad:

    1. If you are on an iPad, download the app through iTunes.
    2. Access using Clever.


    Androids and Smartphones:

    At this time, DreamBox is not available on Android tablets and smartphones.


    More info

    Get more information about Dreambox. Dreambox Support Info



    Destiny is the program used by Pinellas County Schools to manage our books and other resources. 

    To access:

    • Click on the word Destiny to get to the Rawlings Destiny page. 
    • Click on the Catalog if you want to see what books we have. 
    • If your student wants to see what he or she has checked out, they can log in (upper right corner) using their R2.D2 login, then click on My Info. 
    • Students can also click on Destiny Quest (under the Catalog tab) to look for books (click on Library Titles) and articles (click on One Search) related to a topic.  If students are logged in when they do their research, it will be saved for them.  



    Helpful Hints for Distance Learning with Rawlings

    • Students - find your class by signing in to Clever, then clicking on the Teams icon.  


    Use your username + as your email address.  Example:


    • If you need to email your teacher, you can find their email addresses on this site!  Go to About Us, scroll down to Staff Contacts, and click on their name.


    • If you borrowed a computer from school and you get a "domain" error message when you try to sign on to the computer, you'll have to go to the parking lot at school (can be any Pinellas County public school) and sign on there.  Once you're in, also sign on to Clever and Teams before leaving campus.  Wait for Teams to load before leaving.


    • If you are having technical problems, please contact Tech Help at 588-6060.


    • If you are a Rawlings student and you need to borrow a device, please call us at 727-547-7828.