Referendum At Work

    The Pinellas County Schools Referendum money has been crucial to the success of the Visual and Performing Arts Program here at Mildred Helms. The following are a few examples how the referendum has impacted the program.
    computer-made student art
    The money has purchased MHES a state of the art Apple ipad lab with 24 student ipads. Students are taught the digital art skills that are necessary in this ever-changing technological world.

    The Referendum money has also supplied us with a subscription to Scholastic Arts magazine where students can read about current and past artist, artworks, and art careers. This keeps the students up to date and inspires them to further their interest in the arts.
    student magazines
    Student artwork has been entered into 11 different Art Exhibitions this year and all for free because the referendum money has covered many of the entry fees. Art shows give students opportunities to be successful, increase self-esteem and sense of pride and also a feeling of accomplishment!

    The referendum funds were also used to purchase classroom instruments including Djembe drums, xylophones, bass bars, tambourines, hand bells and many smaller percussions instruments. In addition each music teacher received an iPad that allows students to interact with various music applications in conjunction with the Smartboard.
    Overall, the referendum money has created more rewarding Visual and Performing Arts programs with higher quality supplies, resources, and equipment. Pinellas County is an arts hotbed and through the referendum money we have been able to contribute here at Mildred Helms. Thank you as always for supporting the Arts here at school and in the community.

    Further Information about the referendum can be found at: