• School Programs
    Virtually every month Mildred Helms has at least one curriculum-related activity for parents and families. These are usually held in the evening and include:
    • Open House Nights with a Book Fair.
    • Family Reading Nights.
    • Winter Program featuring chorus and 2nd grade.
    • Multi-Cultural Night.
    • Math and Technology Night.
    • Night Writers.
    • Spring Concert featuring chorus 
    • PE Night
    • Science Project Night.
Photo Club
  • Principal's Multi-Cultural Committee
    Students meet monthly to explore different cultures and how they impact a variety of topics. They celebrate historical events and understanding between cultures at school.
    School Clubs
    There are many clubs throughout the year including photography, music, video production, Battle of the Books and more!
    Walk to School from Publix
    This is a great community and safety event. Students, parents and teachers meet on a special day in October to have breakfast, meet police and fire department representatives and practice the proper way to walk to school.
    Extended Learning Program - Promise Time
    Promise Time Extended Learning Program is a great time to catch up, keep up and get ahead with small group tutoring in reading and math, digital learning with i-Ready®, and enrichment clubs for students K-5th grade.
    **Our PTA also plans and sponsors super activities as well. See the PTA page and newsletters for more information.