Melrose Center for Journalism & Multimedia Studies


    Students enrolled in a Pinellas Countywide Magnet school in the current school year will be allowed to remain at that school through the highest grade offered.  Arterial transportation will be provided to those that qualify.  If you have any questions, please contact the school at 727-893-2175.


    Journalism & Multimedia Studies

    Melrose Elementary Center for Journalism and Multimedia, a Pinellas County magnet school in St. Petersburg, equips students with important life skills including confidence, communication, observation, ability to write clearly and photograph, in both still and video images, the world around them. Through real world, hands-on experience, all students K-5th grades produce work for publication in print and online. Melrose is the founding journalism/multimedia school in the Pinellas County program known as Journeys in Journalism, which now includes John Hopkins Middle and Lakewood High schools.



    Students with notebooks and cameras scour the school and community for news – taking notes and photographs, conducting interviews and telling stories.



    Through visual journalism, students tell stories for print, online and broadcast media platforms.



    Students conduct news conferences with important people, such as the principal and the mayor, interview sources including school officials in person and by phone, and talk with our staff and student scholars to find out what’s going on in our school and our neighborhoods. Students also perform research for background knowledge, informational reports, infographics, presentations, and multimedia projects.

    Melrose Elementary Mission Statement


    The mission of Melrose Center for Journalism and Multimedia is to educate them with journalistic and other academic skills and prepare each student for college, career and life by teaching them to be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible learners.


    Melrose Elementary Vision Statement:


    Unite with parents and community through journalism and multimedia instruction to ensure 100% percent success for all students