Partnering with Melrose Elementary

    Benefits of Partnership

    When schools and community organizations work together to support learning, everyone benefits. Partnerships can serve to strengthen, support, and even transform individual partners, resulting in improved program quality, more efficient use of resources, and better alignment of goals and curricula (Harvard Family Research Project, 2010).


    In addition to supporting student learning directly, partnerships can have additional benefits to students and their families. They can:

    • provide continuity of services across the day and year, easing school transitions and promoting improved attendance in after school programs;
    • facilitate access to a range of learning opportunities and developmental supports, providing opportunities for students and teachers alike to experiment with new approaches to teaching and learning;
    • facilitate information sharing about specific students to best support individual learning; and
    • provide family members with alternative entry points into the school day to support their student’s learning.
    How You Can Be A Partner

    Businesses, community leaders, and supporters of Education may express interest in partnering with Melrose via mail (1352 13th Ave. S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712), email, or by contacting our Community-Liason:

    Jatia Barney
    Family and Community Liaison – Melrose Elementary

    PHONE  727-893-2175 Ext. 2301
    FAX 727-893-5384