family engagement
    Welcome to Cross Bayou Elementary PTA
    • A powerful voice for all children;
    • A relevant source for families and communities, and
    • A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

    In an effort to encourage parents to play a more active role in our PTA, we are moving our PTA/SAC meetings to night time and/or right after the school day ends.  We will have free child care available and would love to see you participate in this organization that is vital to our school.  Please check the master calendar on our page to find the times and place of our next PTA meeting.
    Our PTA does so much to support our students and we need volunteers to pitch in so this support continues.

    Below is the 2018/2019 PTA board.

    President: Kristen Brillant    

    VP Advocacy:  Robin Alexandratos                                                     

    VP Membership: Melissa Perez

    VP Weighs and Means: Laurie McFee                     

    Recording Secretary: Jennifer Geiger

    Corresponding Secretary: Michelle Baxter           

    Treasurer: Leah Tassilo                                                                                                  

    Communications/Social Media: Michelle Sacco-Eanes

    Principal: Kathy Wickett

    Please check out the PTA video link below to understand what PTA can do for your child. Any question, please email us by name.