• Volunteer& Visitor Registration Information

    Identification and Sign-in/Sign-out Procedures

    Visitor Sign In Procedures in Front Office

    Because student safety is the responsibility of the school, you must report to the school front office to obtain a visitor badge before any conferences, activities, Bobcat Assemblies, or other school functions during the school day.  Please bring your driver license or government issued identification with you each time. You will be issued a Visitor Badge Pass badge.


    Volunteer Sign In Procedure in Front Office

    Please bring your driver license or government issued identification with you each time. You will be issued a Volunteer Badge Pass badge. Wearing your Volunteer Badge Pass badge while at the school and during your volunteer activities will ensure that school staff and students can easily identify you.

    Current Level 2 volunteers will not need a Badge Pass badge, you will wear your Level 2 badge, but you will still need to be signed into the Badge Pass system by our front office staff to signify you are on campus.





    We hope YOU become a Volunteer!

    All volunteers MUST be registered!

    Two ways to become a Pinellas County School Registered Volunteer:

          Online Volunteer Registration https://asd.pcsb.org/schoolwiresforms/volunteer/ 

          Paper Registration Form English 2019-2020  OR  Paper Spanish Registration Form 2019-2020 


    Level 1 (National Background Screening at no cost to the volunteer) will be processed by the District Office Of Strategic Partnerships. Please confirm with the Family & Community Liaison at the school if additional Level 2 screening is a requirement for volunteering. When the registration has been Level 1 background checked approved, you will receive an email with your user ID and password to log your volunteer hours in the volunteer system. 


    Level II Fingerprinting Procedures. https://www.pcsb.org/Page/12334


    Quick Links:

    PCS Volunteer System https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/ To log your volunteer hours. Use the google chrome browser.


    Pinellas County Schools Volunteer Handbook https://www.pcsb.org/cms/lib/FL01903687/Centricity/Domain/204/PCS%20Volunteer%20Handbook%202014.pdf

    PCSB Office of Strategic Partnerships, Family & Community Relations https://www.pcsb.org/Page/415


    Why It’s Important to Log Your Volunteer Hours https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/ 

    Remember to log in your volunteer hours at the ‘Volunteer Station’ located in the front office.  If you need assistance with your user name and password, ask the Family & Community Liaison, Christine Beatty.  The Volunteer System keeps a record of your hours of service, which the school will receive recognition for based on the number of volunteer hours accumulated over the school year. Please remember to use a computer and Chrome as your browser.


    Activating Your Volunteer Status each Year

    After each school year, all PCS Volunteer profiles are placed as:  INACTIVE  

    All returning volunteers who have already registered the year prior must RE-ACTIVATE in the Volunteer System prior to volunteering. Please           re-activate your volunteer account at the top of each school year.

    To sign into the Volunteer System, please use the Google Chrome browser and go to:  https://focus.pcsb.org/volunteer/

    Enter your username and password: 

    User ID: V. Last name, first initial

    Example: V.SchmittyL

    Password: Your Last name (Capitalize the first letter only) followed by the 4-digit Birth YEAR Example: Schmitty1990

    Common last names may have additional characters or symbols as part of the user ID. If your user ID and password has not been confirmed to you by an email, please contact the Family & Community Liaison at the school.

    Please answer the criminal offense questions and be sure to click I AGREE with the confidentiality statement to SAVE your answers. You can update your personal information and log out in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

    Please don’t forget to log your volunteer hours.

    Do NOT re-activate using any mobile device.  To do so may inadvertently answer the criminal offense questions incorrectly, which would delay your clearance.