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  • Safety Harbor Elementary

    School Counseling Program

    Mission Statement:

    The Safety Harbor Elementary School Counseling program believes that all students have the capacity to become successful learners. The mission of the SHES School Counseling program is to provide a comprehensive school counseling curriculum that engages all students and encourages them to reach their highest levels of academic, career, and social development.

  • Emily Yowler



    My Degrees and Certifications:
    FL Dept of Education Certificate in Guidance and Counseling
        (Pre-K through 12th grade)
    B.A. Psychology, Furman University
    M.A. Counselor Education (School Counseling), University of Central Florida
  • Commitment to Character

     August - RESPECT

    September - CITIZENSHIP

    October - TOLERANCE

    November - PATRIOTISM

    December -CHARITY

    January - KINDNESS & CARING

    February - COOPERATION


    April - HONESTY

    May - RESPECT