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                Keep Safety Harbor Elementary students engaged in learning

outside the school day!

Student Learning At Home           Beyond The Classroom
Pinellas County Schools offers a great roundup of online learning programs that help students build their skills in various subjects, including reading, language arts, math, science and social studies.  Offerings, which include FCAT Explorer, ST Math, Thinkcentral and Ticket to Read, are accessible 24/7. Children use several of these resources in class and are familiar with them. Many of the resources also include easy-to-use guides that explain how to use the programs. 

 To try out these great educational resources, just visit the district’s website and click on Department & Divisions, Digital Learning and look for Beyond the Classroom or visit our SHES home page at  to get access through our Destiny link.  Students have personal login information in their agenda books.

FCAT Explorer STMath Think Central  

You can search our library's book collection online! 


STMath Parent Flyer
STMath Website


Please use these websites to assist our students in practicing their keyboarding skills.


Go Math Access 

The student can logon to Think Central just as they do in their classroom at


Click on “My Library”

My Library


Click on the “GO Math! Florida Common Core Student Edition”

Go Math!