Battle of the Books

  • Amari and the Night Brothers

    by B.B. Alston Year Published:

    Amari Peters has never stopped believing that her missing brother is still alive, no matter what others say.
    That’s why, when she finds an invitation for a tryout at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she goes, even
    though now she has to deal with magicians, fairies, aliens, and other supernatural creatures. It would be
    easy to give up, especially with everyone thinking she’s the enemy and there’s an evil magician on the
    loose, but Amari will do anything to find her missing brother. 

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  • The Beast and the Bethany

    by Jack Meggitt-Phillips Year Published:

    Ebenezer Tweezer is beautiful– and 511 years old. His secret is the monster in his house. He feeds the
    monster rare items and in exchange gets magical potions. But now the monster wants to eat a child. The
    child, Bethany, is very rude and obnoxious, but Ebenezer is starting to have second thoughts about feeding her to the monster. What if Ebenezer wants to be her friend instead? 

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  • Ben Yokoyama and the Cookie of Doom

    by Matthew Swanson Year Published:

    Live each day as if it were your last. Ben’s fortune cookie changes his life. He creates a bucket list of what
    he wants to do with his life. But with his new tasks and dreams come new fears, risks, and plenty of trouble—all which may interfere with things like building a 1000 piece model and eating an entire cake. Ben’s
    new way of living life may just lead to new friendships and new apple pies to be baked.

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  • J.D. and the Great Barber Battle

    by J. Dillard Year Published:

    .D. learns that he has a natural talent for cutting hair after his mom gives him the worst haircut of his life.
    Soon he is making money running a barbershop from his bedroom. But when Henry Jr. (the owner of the
    only official barbershop in town) tries to shut him down, there is only one thing left to do. How do you
    solve who is the best barber in town? With the Great Barber Battle! 

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  • Julieta and the Diamond Enigma

    by Luisana Duarte Armendariz Year Published:

    Julieta is so excited to finally visit Paris. She arrives with her art-handler dad and immediately
    takes in the sights, but when they get to the Louvre, they walk in on a thief stealing a priceless
    cursed diamond. The thief gets away and—worse yet—Julieta’s dad is the main suspect! Can
    Julieta catch the real diamond thief before it’s too late?

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  • Katie the Catsitter

    by Colleen AF Venable Year Published:

    Everyone is off at summer camp, except for Katie. She and her mom don’t have enough money to send her. Unless she earns the money herself! Katie gets a job catsitting for her mysterious neighbor Madeline.
    Madeline’s 217 cats are not what you would call normal. And why is Madeline out the exact time the city’s famous supervillain is committing crimes? Can Katie save her friendships, solve a mystery, AND take care of 217 cats???

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  • Leonard (My Life as a Cat)

    by Carlie Sorosiak Year Published:

    When Olive rescues a cat from a flood, she learns that Leonard the cat is really Leonard the alien.
    Leonard was attempting to come to Earth as a human and learn human things (bowling, hosting a dinner party, how to hold an umbrella). But now, not only will he not get those experiences, if he doesn’t make it from South Carolina to Yellowstone National Park soon, he will miss his ride home. 

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  • The Lion of Mars

    by Jennifer L Holm Year Published:

    Bell has spent all 11 years of his life on Mars. He often wonders why he is not allowed to contact any of the other colonies on the planet. Then, when all of the adults on his colony are sick with a virus, it is up to Bell to save his colony, and maybe even unite the entire planet of Mars

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  • Measuring Up

    by Lily LaMotte Year Published:

    Cici has just moved from Taiwan to Seattle. The only thing she wants more than new friends is to fly her A-ma to Seattle for her 70th birthday. But a plane ticket is very expensive. Cici’s plan is to win the prize money in a kids cooking contest. Unfortunately Cici only knows how to cook Taiwanese food. Can Cici make friends, win the cooking contest, and celebrate with her A-ma? 

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  • The Million Dollar Race

    by Matthew Ross Smith Year Published:

     Grant is fast. Real fast. So he is very excited when a sneaker company announces a world-wide competition to find the fastest kid. But it won’t be easy. His strange parents never got him a birth certificate, so he may not be allowed to compete. Grant wants to win, but at what cost? He may have to invent his own country. He may have to knock his best friend out of the competition. What is Grant willing to sacrifice to be the fastest kid in the world? 

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  • Mystery on Magnolia Circle

    by Kate Klise Year Published:

    Best friends Ivy and Teddy are having the WORST summer. Ivy broke her leg and Teddy’s dog died. But when Ivy witnessed what might be a burglary, things get a lot more interesting. Who are the criminals? Could a classmate be involved? More mysteries await as Ivy and Teddy’s summer becomes the best one yet.

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  • Shirley & Jamila Save Their Summer

    by Gillian Goerz Year Published:
    Jamila is bored and in a new city. Then she meets Shirley. Sure, Shirley is a bit odd, but it is a long summer.
    They might as well be friends. When a boy named Oliver begs Shirley to help him find his missing gecko, Jamila discovers that Shirley is the neighborhood’s best detective. Even better, Jamila finds that she too has crime-solving skills. Can they solve some mysteries? And save their crumbling friendship in the process?
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  • Stella

    by McCall Hoyle Year Published:

    Stella had a great job as a bomb-sniffing dog. But when she made a mistake and there was an explosion, Stella’s anxiety forced her to retire. When a girl named Chloe adopts Stella, it is an opportunity for the dog to prove her worth. Stella discovers she can smell when Chloe is about to have a seizure. Can Stella become a new kind of service dog and save Chloe’s life? 

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  • Tumble & Blue

    by Cassie Beasley Year Published:

     Who doesn’t want to be lucky? Or a hero? But for every up there is a down, and that is how the fates run in the families of Blue Montgomery and Tumble Wilson, thanks to their greedy ancestors. Today, as the blood moon draws near, their unfortunate descendants are returning to face Munch (the mystical golden alligator) and find new fates. Tumble and Blue could have as good a shot as any of the other ill-fated relatives, if the legend proves true.

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  • Wedgie & Gizmo

    by Suzanne Selfors Year Published:

     What do you get when you mix a bouncy, excitable super hero dog with an evil genius guinea pig? Hilarious adventures! Wedgie is a non-stop barking protector dog, who loves everyoneeven the furry potato! Gizmo is the evil genius guinea pig out to take over the world, once he defeats his nemesis Gizmo. Will Gizmo make it to Peru and lead the guinea pig take-over?

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