• Advanced Academics

  • Welcome to Advanced Academics
    The advanced academics curriculum encompasses math, language arts, and scientific investigation. We will begin the year studying ocean currents, water sainity and density, the layers of the ocean, sea animals and plants, and more! Students will participate in in-class book studies. Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will use their knowledge to try and locate fictional shipwrecked families and present for "Rescue Day". All students will complete an independent project at the end of the year.

    creative and critical thinking venn diagram
    Restorative Practices/Community Circle

    ▸Gifted students physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth is often uneven.
    ▸Can have surprisingly heightened emotionally sensitivity.
    class meeting ▸We discuss stressors and coping skills, personal strengths and weaknesses, feelings and emotions related to school, friends, family, and life situations, etc.
    ▸We work to foster a positive outlook and sense of gratitude for the good things in life and develop skills for proactively dealing with difficult situations.
    ▸Everyone deals with stress in their lives, especially gifted kids, and we all need healthy coping skills for dealing with that stress.

    Daily schedule:

    K/1st – 8:45-9:20

    2nd – 9:20-10:10

    4th -10:25-11:25

    5th – 11:25-12:25

    3rd – 1:10-2:00