• Advanced Academics

  • Welcome to Advanced Academics
    The advanced academics curriculum encompasses math, language arts, and scientific investigation. We will begin the year with reading mystery literature and working on group and independent book reports and our Kid’s Care Project. There are some fun surprises planned for the middle of the year and we will culminate the year with research and our “CSI Museum”.
    creative and critical thinking venn diagram
    Chromatography is the separation of a mixture (such as black ink) by using a solution or suspension (such as through a medium (coffee filter) in which the components move at different rates and seperate. It is a frequently used forensics technique. Check our our CSI links page to see some short youtube videos about chromatography.
    chromatography example
    ▸Gifted students physical, emotional, social, and intellectual growth is often uneven.
    ▸Can have surprisingly heightened emotionally sensitivity.
    class meeting ▸We discuss stressors and coping skills, personal strengths and weaknesses, feelings and emotions related to school, friends, family, and life situations, etc.
    ▸We work to foster a positive outlook and sense of gratitude for the good things in life and develop skills for proactively dealing with difficult situations.
    ▸Everyone deals with stress in their lives, especially gifted kids, and we all need healthy coping skills for dealing with that stress.
    ▸Then when students are feeling stressed out about something they can use their “Stress Box” to help them relax.
    Daily schedule:

    K/1st – 8:35-9:15

    2nd – 9:15-10:05

    4th -10:15-11:15

    5th – 11:15-12:15

    3rd – 12:50-1:40