• Community Partners

    We believe that partnerships transform the educational landscape for student success. Partnerships are developed to provide support, services, and opportunities to improve student learning, stronger families and healthier communities. The students of Anona are the future of our community. Leaders in our community can take part in the education of our students to help strengthen our communities' future. Developing meaningful partnerships is key to meeting the diverse needs of the school, students, parents, and the community.

    Partnerships increase student achievement, expand learning, increase student self-confidence and students receive important encouragement to stay in school. Partnerships benefit teachers by presenting opportunities to access available resources and support from the business community and community organizations.

    Partnerships benefit by cultivating productive relationships with schools, which improves their image through the publicity and recognition of their partnership. A companies/organization's name and logo can be prominently displayed at school events. This lets everyone in the community know the business is making a real contribution to education. Teacher mini-grants can be awarded in a company's name. Companies can fund a specific initiative, such as music, art, P.E., field trips, specific classroom needs and more, which can reflect the businesses mission. 

    Community partners are vital to the success of Anona. Involvement can be accomplished in many ways:
    Employees - Providing time for employees to volunteer in schools as mentors, tutors, guest speakers or serving as special event volunteers.
    Financial - Providing financial contributions to schools or special events, Adopt-A-Class or sponsorship of programs, scholarship opportunities for students and teachers.
    Other types of Contributions - Incentives to students for achievement, good behavior and attendance. The donation of equipment or materials for use in the classroom or school.