• Volunteer

    All individuals desiring to volunteer whether in a classroom or to act as a chaperone on a field trip are required to complete the application process. Volunteer applicants are also required to show a legal, government issued photo ID upon registration to verify their name and date of birth. Information on the registration form is used to conduct a background check by the county. All information is for program use only and will not be given to any other organization, group or person. Pinellas County Schools reserves the right to refuse volunteer assignments to individuals convicted of offenses pursuant to 112.011, Florida Statutes (1997).

    To make the registration process easier for you, you can download the registration form by clicking on the Volunteer Registration form below, fill it out at your convenience and return it to the front office at your next visit to the school.

    Always sign in and obtain a Badge Pass at the school office before beginning your volunteer activity. Please log all volunteer hours by signing in with your volunteer password and ID into Focus/SIS. Volunteer hours are tracked by the county to provide recognition to the school and track the impact of volunteer services on students. See the document to the right for instructions on how to log hours.

    If you have any further questions about volunteering please contact our Community Liaison Stacia Cancilliere at (727) 588-4730 ext. 2045 or cancillieres@pcsb.org.

    Below are some helpful links.

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