• Adopt-a-Class

    While the school provides teachers with all the basics, our creative staff uses the Adopt-A-Class funds to provide something exciting and substantial for the whole class. Many of our teachers would otherwise spend their own money for these extras.

    The objective of the program is to:

    1. Seek financial support for our classrooms and programs for special projects beyond the basics.
    2. Create an environment where the students and faculty feel the community is behind educating our youth to insure their future.
    3. Generate an attitude of pride and mutual respect between our students and our community.
    Classroom teachers (including gifted or V.E.) may be adopted. Or donations may be made to specific programs, such as Art, Music, Guidance, P.E., or the Media Center. In this way the benefit is enjoyed by all students in the school.

    If you have any further questions about adopting a class please contact our Community Liaison Stacia Cancilliere at (727) 588-4730 ext. 2045 or cancillieres@pcsb.org.