• What not to wear

    The Boca Ciega High School

    Dress Code

    The BCHS modified dress code is provided in addition to what is stated in the Pinellas County Student Code of Conduct. 



    All shirts must cover the shoulders, backs, cleavage and midriffs (stomachs). Shirts may be of any color or style and must be free from the following: profanity; violent images, wording or suggestions; sexually suggestive phrases or images; gang-related symbols; alcohol, tobacco, drugs or advertisements for such products.



    All pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the waist and must reach the top of the knee in length. Rips, holes and cuts are only permissible below the knee. Form fitting leotard/spandex type clothing is not allowed unless proper outer garments cover to mid-thigh length or longer.



    Dresses must cover the shoulders, backs, cleavage and stomachs. Dresses must extend to the top of the knee in length.


    General reminders

    • Pajamas, pajama pants and/or other sleepwear are not permitted to be worn.
    • See-through or mesh fabric clothing may only be worn over clothing meeting requirements.
    • Undergarments must not be visible.
    • Clothing and footwear traditionally designed as undergarments or sleepwear shall not be worn as outer garments.
    • All other aspects of the PCS dress code are still in effect. Please click on the link above to visit the PCS dress code found in the PCS Student Code of Conduct.