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We are a uniform school.


John M. Sexton Elementary school has a mandatory student uniform policy for grades K – 5. All students are required to wear the school uniform which consists of:

Student Name Badge: worn on the collar at all times.

Navy blue bottoms: plain, solid, non-decorated slacks, pants, jumpers, uniform dresses, shorts, skirts or skorts (no more than 4 inches above the knee and must be worn around the waist).

No blue jeans, sweatpants, nylon pants, parachute pants, leggings, stirrup pants, stretch pants or any form fitting bottom may be worn.

No clothing items that can be seen may be worn under the school uniform. (Ex. No sweat pants with uniform shorts over them. No colored long sleeved shirts under the uniform shirt.) All trousers, pants, skirts, or shorts must cover undergarments, including boxer shorts.

Shirts: must be plain solid, non-decorated white, powder blue, navy blue, dark purple or dark teal collared shirts with sleeves, polos, button down blouses, and turtle necks. All shirts, tops, and dresses must cover undergarments with NO midriff showing. Sexton Stingray shirts are considered part of the uniform and can be worn any day. No regular T-shirts of any color, no colored trim on collars or sleeves, no autographed shirts. No shirts, sweaters or vests can be worn over the school uniforms that are not included in the uniform policy. No shirts or sweaters can be worn under the school uniform (unless it is a plain white non-decorated undershirt). Students participating in scouting may wear their official scout uniform in place of the school uniform on meeting days only. We have NUT Day on Friday’s each week. Points will be awarded from Class Dojo and students will be able to wear an non-uniform outfit for the day.

Outer Wear: Students may wear plain, solid, non-decorated white, powder blue, navy blue, dark purple or dark teal sweatshirts, sweaters or hoodies. Sexton Stingray sweatshirts may also be worn. All other outer jackets and removable sweaters are acceptable but cannot be worn inside the classroom.

Shoes: must enclose the whole foot (sneakers or tennis shoes with good support are preferable for safety during P.E.) No sport or recreational shoes with cleats or wheels are permitted.

No bandanas of any kind are allowed.

Hats may be worn during outdoor activities. Administration reserves the authority to reject any color variation on clothing. All uniforms can be purchased at any retail or thrift store.