CAST Magnet Program

  • Center for Advancement of the Sciences and Technology (CAST Magnet Program)



    Bay Point Middle School’s Center for Advancement of the Sciences and Technology offers students in grades 6, 7, and 8 a rigorous academic program where engineering is naturally integrated through our advanced math, science, world languages and technology classes for a true STEM experience.  

    Many students compete in science, math and technology competitions that create a stimulating environment for academic growth and inquiry that is needed in today’s challenging world. 

    Bay Point Middle School’s CAST empowers students to achieve at their highest level through innovative teaching techniques that place the responsibility for learning on the student.

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    Academic profile:

    Students living anywhere in Pinellas county are welcome to apply. 
    The CAST program is an academically rigorous program in which students participate in advanced or accelerated math, science, social studies or language arts courses. In addition, students in this program participate in required elective courses which may include technology and world language.

    Students who typically do well in this program earn mostly As and Bs on their report cards, maintaining a 3.0 average and earn a level 3 or higher on their FSA mathematics and language arts assessments. Students new to Pinellas County Schools who do not have an FSA score, can look at their standardized test scores from their previous school to determine if they have at least a 5 stanine or a percentile rank of 42 or higher in both reading/language arts and mathematics.

    Once enrolled in the program, students must attend all classes regularly, maintain a C average in each class for each semester as well as abide by the Code of Student Conduct. Falling below these expectations may result in placement on probation and/or dismissal from the program. Please review the District Application Program Procedures available on the Pinellas County Schools website for further information.


    Arterial bus transportation (buses that operate on main roads with a limited number of stops) is provided to students who live more than two miles from the school.

    Magnet bus stop locations may require that parents drive their children to and from the stop.


    Course work

    All magnet students take computer applications 1, a STEM elective course and high school Spanish.

    Students choose their academic pathway:

    Engineering - provides engineering and applied science curriculum for middle school students and STEM career explorations 
    Medical Academy - Exploration of Health Professionals, Orientation to Health Science, and Medical Skills and Service (HS Credit)

    Computer Science - Intro to Marketing, Sales and Service, Coding Fundamentals and Digital Information Technology (HS credit). Opportunity for a variety of Industry standard certifications.

    STEAM - Option for : Art - 2D, 3D, Digital Art & Design and Pre-AP Visual Arts(HS Credit) or Band – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced band

    World Languages class- up to 2 high school credits:

    Spanish - High School Level 1, High School Level 2 

    All students must meet Health/PE requirements for the district.

    All Gifted students may take an Advanced Academics (general gifted) elective course in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.

    Contact Mrs. Giuffré for program details and tour appointments.
    Magnet Program Coordinator: Jennifer Giuffré 
    (727) 893-1153, ext. 2301