• The Principal's Multicultural Advisory Committee (PMAC) is a multicultural student leadership program designed to empower students to have a positive, sustainable impact on the culture and climate of their schools and communities. The program became a school board mandate in order to ensure that students had the right to attend a school where all ethnic and cultural heritages are welcomed and respected.

    The multicultural committee members represent a balance of students by gender and grade level, and representing a cross section of the racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds of the students at the school.

    At the secondary level the responsibilities include the following:

    A.  Act as an advisory group to the principal

    B.  Engage in a facilitative dialogue about diversity centered concerns and   make recommendations to the principal

    C.  Promote multicultural activities and programs school-wide

    D.  Learn and implement conflict resolution and mediation skills

    E.  Provide service to school and community

    F.  Improve school climate

    Each committee sets its own mission and goals for the school year based upon the PMAC school board mandate and individual school needs. Goals often include planning and promoting school wide multicultural activities to build community and address concerns such as bullying, providing curricular resources and materials to teachers, facilitating dialogue between students and staff, and reaching out to younger students.