• Bay Point Middle School Dress Code

    "We Dress for Success"

    Dress code Brochure Draft-Version 4


    Bay Point Middle has adopted a modified uniform dress code for students, that has been approved by SAC and presented to the PTSA.


    Tops: A solid color polo style shirt (without logos and no red or black) or a school-sponsored shirt will be worn at ALL times by students.

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    Jackets: All sweaters and jackets must zip or button up (no pullovers of any type).

    Bottoms: All bottoms (pants, jeans, capris, shorts or skirts) must be khaki or SOLID dark blue, without rips, tears, holes or frays of any kind.
    • Shorts - must be 1 inch above the knee or longer
    • All dresses and/or skirts must be worn below the knee or longer

    • Gym shorts and/or basketball shorts may only be worn during P.E.

    • All pants and shorts will be worn at the waist.


    In addition parents, we would greatly appreciate your assistance to help us maintain our dress code policy by following the criteria below

    • No tight bodycon skirts/dresses or tight mini skirts will be worn.
    • No skirts or dresses with see through or sheer material may be worn.
    • No tights, jeggings, or leggings are to be worn to school as a stand alone or underneath any clothing.
    • No hats, head coverings or full headwraps may be worn during any portion of the school day without the expressed permission of the principal.
    • No bandanas of any kind will be worn for any purpose (including for hair clips or bows).
    • No oversized floppy hair bows.
    • All sandal type shoes must have a strap on the back, no flip flops or slides to be worn.
    • No vests of any kind.
    • No pullover tops, sweaters or jackets of any kind.



    The dress and grooming of District students shall be neat and clean, promoting a positive educational environment. Apparel that disrupts educational activities and processes of the school will result in the removal of the student from the regular school environment until acceptable apparel can be secured for the student. The administration will be the final judge about whether a student’s clothing is appropriate for school or whether it will create an environmental climate that is distracting to learning. Principals, faculty, and staff members will enforce the dress code. Failure to comply with the dress code will be handled similarly to other disciplinary infractions.