Fundamental School Features

  • The first fundamental school opened in Pinellas County in 1976.  Fundamental schools were designed to provide a back-to-basics approach to learning in a more structured environment than the typical public school.

    Child's Park Fundamental became the second fundamental school, opening in 1978.  Child's Park Fundamental was relocated onto our current campus, becoming Pasadena Fundamental in 1995. 
    We currently have 4 classes at each grade level: Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  Kindergarten through 3rd Grades have 18 students per class.  Grades 4 and 5 have 22 students per class.  Our total school population is 464 students.
    Our primary emphasis at Pasadena Fundamental is on the development of positive attitudes and values about learning while promoting success in academics, student responsibility, and a love of learning.  Parents sign an agreement to adhere to features unique to fundamental schools.
    Parents agree to:
    • Provide transportation for their child and adhere to opening and closing times.
    • Attend all PTA meetings.
    • Attend 3 parent/teacher conferences each year.
    • Review and sign all homework.
    • Support the Fundamental dress code.
    • Support the Fundamental program.