Dress Code

  • Pasadena Fundamental Elementary School


    Students are expected to dress appropriately to reflect pride in one’s self and school, to avoid social fads, and disruptions to the school learning environment. 

    • Khaki, black or navy-blue traditional “chino” style uniform shorts, fitted at the natural waistline and worn no lower than the bottom of the knee or higher than three inches above the knee
    • Khaki, black or navy-blue traditional “chino” style uniform pants, fitted at the natural waistline and worn no shorter than ankle bone in length
    • Solid khaki, black or navy-blue uniform skirt or dress, the length worn no higher than three inches above the knee front and back (shorts may be worn under if covered by skirt or dress)
    • Any solid colored t-shirt, collared shirt, or blouse, with no designs or patterns. A small logo which reflects the clothing manufacturer or brand is acceptable. The logo should be less than two inches in diameter.
    • When layering shirts (long sleeve under short sleeve) both shirts must be a solid color.
    • On Fridays, students may wear jeans if they are wearing a Pasadena t-shirt or school colors.
    • On Wednesdays, students may wear jeans if they are wearing a Defend A Friend t-shirt.
    • Athletic shoes with an adjustable closure (i.e. laces or Velcro) with socks or tights in any solid color
    • Solid color leggings under dresses or skirts only
    • Any color/pattern jacket may be worn

    • Cargo or carpenter shorts/pants, capris, culottes, split skirts, denim shorts, any form of redefined shorts or pants that gather at the ankle (no joggers, athletic pants or sweatpants)
    • Form fitting leotard/spandex type clothing, tight knit pants, clinging pants or leggings/jeggings are not allowed unless proper outer garments cover to mid-thigh length or longer. (i.e. worn under a skirt/dress)
    • No garments that are see-through or mesh
    • Shirts that show a child’s midriff when both hands are raised or that have sayings/images that are deemed inappropriate
    • Blouses, shirts, or dresses which are tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless, or low cut in front or back
    • All non-athletic shoes, such as sandals, thongs, flip-flops, shoes with wheels, spikes, cleats, clogs, boots or shoes that appear boot-like, croc-style shoes, slip-on shoes, or shoes without back strap
    • Clothing with holes, tears, any type of fraying, or are oversized
    • Prohibited are hairstyles and colors, and other fashion styles, which are disruptive to the school environment or educational process
    • Hats, other head coverings, or sunglasses may only be worn during outside PE activities and may not be worn during any portion of the regular school day without the expressed permission of the principal.

    For safety and prevention of overheating, it is a recommendation from the Physical Education staff, that students (boys and girls) with longer hair and bangs, wear a wide headband, hair tie, hat, or visor to keep their hair out of their eyes and off their neck.

    Students who come to school wearing inappropriate attire may be sent to the office to call a parent/guardian for acceptable clothing and will receive a Dress Code Violation. On the third violation, a Warning/Detention Notice will be given and for each additional dress code violation thereafter. After three dress code Warning/Detention Notices in an infraction period, the student will be referred to the Intervention and Appeals Committee (IAC).


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