• Fairmount Park School Uniform Policy

    ·         Shirts/polos must have a collar and must be solid white, navy blue or burgundy

    ·         Shirts must be tucked in                                                                                                     

    ·         Uniform pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers must be solid navy blue or khaki

    ·         Pants must be worn at the waist

    ·         Socks must be solid-colored and matching (solid white, black or navy blue)

    ·         Leggings and tights may be worn under skirts and jumpers and must be solid white, black, or navy blue

    ·         Closed-toe shoes must be worn. Sneakers must be worn each day at P.E.

    ·         No sweatpants, jeans or sleeveless tops

    ·         No designer clothing or socks