P.E. Illness Policy


    Ø If your child is sick and cannot participate in Physical Education, please write a note to the classroom teacher or Physical Education teacher.  A doctor’s note will be required if the child cannot participate for more than 3 days 

    Ø Children with extended injury or illness will need a doctor’s note to re-enter participation into Physical Education class

    Ø Special medical restrictions, (severe allergies, broken bones, asthma, etc.) require a doctor’s note and should be on file in your child’s school records

    Ø Please notify your child’s Physical Education teacher directly if they have any physical or chronic health concerns that may limit their participation in PE class


    Melrose is a fun and safe environment for our students to develop lifelong fitness and health goals.  We are looking forward to a great year in Melrose PE class!


    Please do not hesitate to call our Physical Education team at 727-893-2175, if you have any questions or concerns.


    Thank you.


    The PE Team


    Earl Perrin

    Justin Black

    Tyrone Wong