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    March 02, 2021


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    Songwriting with Roger Day



    Roger Day is our Artist-in-Residence.  As part of our Arts Integration Theme, he will facilitate the process, art and literacy of song writing throughout the 2019-2020 School Year. 


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    Thanks to Roger Day through Ruth Eckerd Hall for doing a virtual sing-along concert with our 2nd grade scholars. 

    Your made us feel INVINCIBLE! 

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    1. October 21-25, 2019 (Rough Draft)



    Roger Day with Mrs. Potter's Class ~ "Natural Resources"

    The themes that the students chose are based on topics which they are studiying in their classrooms.  Some themes about which our scholars have written:

    • Kindergarten
      • Carving out a Pumpkin (Ms. Coughlin's Class)
      • Counting to 100 (Ms. Daigle's Class)
      • If I were a Cowbot (Mrs. Mosher's Class)
    • 1st
      • Natural Resources (Mrs. Potter's Class)
      • Counting Dots (Mrs. Silver's Class)
    • 2nd
      • The 5 W's (Klein's Class)
      • Sun, Sun, Sun (Mrs. McCaffrey's Class)
      • Classroom Garden (Ms. Armstrong' Class)
    • 3rd
      • Ready for Some Gravity (Ms. Chandler's Class)
      • Whales Move Through the Water (Ms. Everett's Class)
      • Lost Energy (Mrs. Stevenson's Class)
    • 4th
      • Clean Water (Ms. Smith's Class)
      • Rock Song (Ms. Page's Class)
      • HUman Impace (Ms. Landgraf's Class)
    • 5th
      • Octopus Livin' in the Water (Dr. George's Class)
      • Erosion (Ms. Thomas' Class)
      • Invasive Species (Mrs. Tuttle's Class)



    Getting "Ready!" with Ms. Smith's 4th Grade Class


    2. February 24-28, 2020 (Revisions)

    3, May 18-21, 2020 (Performance ~ Cancelled)