• definition for arts integration

    Arts Integration is a creative way for students to demonstrate their understanding of content in their art form and other academic areas.  Teachers received professional development to help them with this work. 


    Sandy Lane Educators engaged in the art form of Tableau.  Tableau can be used to "see" what students are understanding about content that has been taught in class.


    Using AI (Arts Integration), teachers are allowing students to use their highest cognition level, which is creation to brainstorm, problem solve, and generate ideas to meet the demands of the definition.  Several of our teachers have an arts background and can connect with their prior experiences as they implement lessons.


    venn diagram of arts integration

    Our district is a partner with the Kennedy Center for the Arts, which is located in Washington D.C.  Several of their teaching artists come to our school to do residencies with teachers and students.  As a magnet school, this way of work helps us to achieve the demands of Pillar 2: Innovative Curriculum and Professional Development.