School Uniform


    Sandy Lane Elementary Conservatory for the Arts
    Mandatory Dress Code
    Need help with uniforms, visit Clothes for Kids 441-5050
    1059 N. Hercules Ave, Clearwater


    Any solid color polo type shirts (short or long sleeved) or the Sandy Lane Elementary Conservatory for the Arts t-shirt.

    All shirts must be polo type, button shirts with a collar. No zippers, button down, logos, or designs.

    All shirts must consist of cotton or cotton blend types (no nylon or see through material).

    Navy Shorts


    Khaki, navy blue, or black uniform type pants or shorts. 

    Pants or shorts may not be oversized or baggy.

    Denim jeans with no holes can be worn on Fridays or Spirit Days. 

    Khaki, navy blue, or blue uniform type shorts, pants, capris, skorts, skirts and jumper dresses.

    Khaki, navy blue, or black uniform shorts may be worn under skirts and jumper dresses only.

    The shorts may not show below the hem.

    Jumpers may be in any solid or plaid color. Tights or leggings only under shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers. 

    Denim jeans with no holes can be worn on Fridays or Spirit Days. 



    Sneakers/tennis shoes and shoes with a closed toe and heel, lace ties or Velcro closure and a rubber sole not exceeding 1 inch in height.

    Platforms, heels, sandals, flip flops, slip on shoes and boots are not acceptable for safety. “Healy” or skate type shoes with or without wheels are not allowed.

    sweater Outdoor Clothing

    For cool weather may consist of the following:

    Parents may select whatever type of jacket they wish as long as it adheres to the Pinellas County School’s dress code as prescribed in section 5500.04 in the Code of Student Conduct.

    Please make sure you have your child’s first and last name on anything they can take off or leave behind such as: jacket, sweatshirts, etc. When items get left behind, we can return them.
     Shirt School Shirts

    Sandy Lane Conservatory for the Arts T-shirts can be worn on Fridays and as part of Spirit Days. The T-shirts can be purchased in the front office for a cost of $10.00.