Performing and Visual Arts

  • The Arts Conservatory has a Performing Arts Wing that has two Visual Art Rooms, two Music Rooms, and a Full-Size Dance Studio. The new school renovations include an Arts Integration Lab and a mini black box theater, as well as renovated visual arts rooms. These offerings show a strong commitment to fostering creativity and talent across various artistic disciplines. The availability of specialized spaces for each art form ensures that students have the necessary resources and facilities to fully immerse themselves in their chosen areas.

    The smaller class sizes also contribute significantly to a more personalized and focused learning experience. With reduced student-teacher ratios, students are likely to receive individualized attention, allowing them to hone their artistic skills and express their creativity with greater depth and nuance.

    Our approach not only supports the development of artistic skills and rigor but also encourages critical thinking, collaboration, and self-expression.

    The power of the arts

    It is the supreme ART of a teacher to awaken JOY in the creative expression of knowledge - Albert Einstein