Science and Math ROCK!

  • Science and Math and Graphs...oh, My!


    SC.2.E.6.1 ~ Recognize that Earth is made up of rocks. Rocks come in many sizes and shapes.


    MAFS.2.MD.4.10 ~ Draw a picture graph and a bar graph (with single-unit scale) to represent a data set with up to four categories. Solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems using information presented in a bar graph.


    VA.2.S.2.1 ~ Develop artstic skills through repeated experiences with art media, techniques, processes, and tools.

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    First, our In-House Field trip with Diamond Del: we mined the rocks, then we identified them.
    In class, we sorted the rocks baased on some of their properties: color, shape, texture, hardness, luster (shine). 
    We used our rocks in a a math lesson using the property of color.  We sorted our rocks into a minimum of 4 colors and charted our data using a bar graph. We had to label our categories and our units as well as create a tilte for our graph.  Precision design is very important, so students need to be able to use tools and processes as well as the different media to create their bar graphs. 
    Sorting      G1
    Chad     Categories
    Halfway    Graph