Picture This!

  • Animals and Media


    LAFS.1.RI.3.7 ~ Use the illustrations and details in a text to describe its key ideas.

    VA.1.S.1.1 ~ Experiment with art processes and media to express ideas. 



    Shark 1     Whales

    Illustrations in a book can provide us with many key details that help us better understand information. To hook our interest, we looked at pictures ~ Art, illustrations, photgraphs ~ and listed all the details that we could learn about the topic. Next, we read All About Books: All About sharks, dolphins, whales, spiders, Gila monsters, Anacondas, Red Kangaroos Lemurs, and Octopi. We listed key details we learned in those books, too, and created circle maps with that information. Our final step was to create our OWN illustration depicting key details from the text and adding text features such as labels for the diagram. We got to be creative with our use of  different media (paper, bubble wrap, plastic bags, constructions paper, felt, pipe cleaners) and different tools (pencils, scissors, glue) and processes (twisting, folding and bending paper, cutting, tearing).