• Title 1 Compact

    The Title 1 Compact is an important document which outlines the expectations of our students, parents, and staff as members of our school community. This pledge is an agreement designed to promote a partnership between the home and the school and is signed by students, parents, and staff each year. This year, students and parents may sign their portion of the compact online. You may view a copy of the compact below.


    Parents/Guardians, click HERE to sign your portion of the Title 1 Compact.

    Students, click HERE to sign your portion of the Title 1 Compact, or click the link in your Clever account.


    Largo Middle School

    2020-2021 Title I Compact

    Shared Responsibilities for Highest Student Academic Achievement

    Parent – Student – School Compact


    Mission: Largo Middle School strives to inspire students to be critical thinkers, internationally minded, and responsible global citizens who have a passion for lifelong learning and service.


    Parent/Guardian Agreement

    I want my child to reach his/her full academic potential; therefore, I will do the following to support my child’s learning:

                  *Be a communicator by having ongoing communication with my student’s school, including parent/teacher conferences.

                  *Support the school staff, be open-minded and respect cultural differences of others.

                  *Participate in school events.

                  *See that my student attends school daily and is punctual.

    *Be knowledgeable about my student’s progress by talking to my student weekly about homework and academic progress.

                  *Encourage reading at home.

                  *Check my student’s agenda/planner book daily.

    *Encourage my student to be respectful and open-minded to all staff and fellow classmates.

    *Participate in parental opportunities to provide input (PTSA, SAC, surveys etc.).

    *Consider volunteering one –hour per year.

    *Consider becoming Level 2 cleared for activities

    *Encourage participation in Extended Learning opportunities


    Student Agreement

    It is important that I do the best that I can; therefore, I will do the following:

                  *Be principled by coming to school each day on time with my homework completed and with supplies that I need.

    *Follow school dress code at all times.

    *Show respect and open-mindedness for my school, staff members, myself, other students, and have consideration for cultural differences.

                  *Be an inquirer; Believe that I can learn, and I will learn.

                  *Be reflective on where I stand in my classes and work to the best of my ability for constant improvement.

                  *Be knowledgeable about the behavior expectations at school and follow them.

                  *Bring my agenda/planner book to all my classes every day and take it home every night.

                  * Follow the learner profile for Largo Middle School.

    *Academic Honesty


    School Agreement

    The entire school staff will share the responsibility for improved student achievement; by being communicators and therefore, we will do the following:

                  *Schedule parent/teacher conferences, as needed or when requested. (Can be in person or via phone.)

                  *Send reports to parents on their child’s progress.

                  *Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer and participate in their child’s school activities.

                  *Provide and encourage an environment conducive to learning.

                  *Be caring, Respectful to students, their parents and the diverse culture of the school.

    *Communicate with parent if a grade is less than a C.

    *Update Focus bi-weekly.

    *Notify parents of opportunities for academic or behavioral support

                   *Frequent updates of school website