• Our enhanced Project-Based Learning Gifted Program motivates all gifted and talented learners. Students work individually or collaboratively using their creative and critical thinking skills in challenging and differentiated interest-based tasks tailored to their unique individual learning needs. 

        • Gifted  Gifted Services are available for students that have gone through the eligibility process, and have been found to meet the qualifications and require further enrichment beyond the general education classroom.  Gifted is a one day per week pull out program.  Areas we will be working on are; Language Arts, Math & Logic, Creative & Critical Thinking, Research & Questioning, Products & Performances, and Social Emotional Lessons.   
        • Talented

    Another program offered is the talent development program. The Talent Development Program in Pinellas County Schools provides differentiated enrichment for students who have shown above-average abilities and talents but who are not currently identified as gifted and attend a school with a Talent Development Program. At Frontier, Talent Development groups are pulled by grade levels and occur every other Friday in 45 minutes pull out groups.   Talent development is focused on STEM-based challenge activities and the engineering design process.