Dress Code

    School Uniform Information
     Rawlings has a Mandatory Uniform Policy.


    • Color Choices: Navy, Gray, Purple, Hunter Green
    •  (White & Red only until May 2024)
    • Types: Collared shirts, blouses, plain t-shirts, Any M.K. Rawling club/PTA Logo shirt (long or short sleeve), dresses
    • light purple is not a school color


    • Color Choices: Navy & Gray
    • Types: Shorts, pants, skirts, jumpers, skorts, or capris
    • Bottoms should fit properly and be no shorter than mid- thigh
    • No jeans or tight fitting shorts or pants
    • Leggings are only allowed to be worn under skirts and dresses. They are not school-appropriate bottoms.


    • All shoes must be enclosed all around the heel, toes, and sides.
    • All shoes worn to school must be appropriate for physical education and recess.  
    • Students wearing crocs, slides, or sandals will not be able to take part in any outside plays for safety reasons. 

    **Fabric MUST be polyester or cotton twill with no contrasting colors, logos, monograms or tags.



    Jackets or sweatshirts with hoods are NOT permitted.

    Baggy, oversized clothing is NOT permitted.

    Underwear of any type, including bra straps and boxer shorts, MUST NOT be visible.

    A belt is recommended.

    It is recommended that shirts be tucked in.

    Un-tucked shirts should not be longer than fingertip length.

    Shorts must be fingertip length.

    Socks should be plain white or navy.

    Safe and appropriate closed toe footwear must be worn at all times.

    Shirts may not be tied in a knot in the back, sides or front.



     Jeans, sweatpants, lycra or spandex fabric, corduroy fabric and girls' cotton blouses.



     During cold weather the uniform policy is still in effect in the classrooms. In addition to the warm weather uniform, students may choose to wear:


    Coats and other forms of outer wear ARE ALLOWED at P.E. and when traveling out doors. These items should be removed upon returning to class.