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    At Cross Bayou Elementary School, your child participates in a 50 minute physical education class three days a week.  The physical education staff believes physical  education is one of the most important areas of the total school curriculum.  It is the phase of general education that contributes to the total growth and development of the child, primarily through selected physical activities.  The prime goal of education is for each child to develop and reach his/her maximum potential.


    Physical education stimulates the mind and thought process through numerous individual, partner and group activities.  The presentation of exploratory, creative and problem-solving activities demands the child to utilize his/her knowledge to achieve expected goals.  The development of a high level of physical fitness and an understanding of the positive results of fitness is very important for young children.  Research indicates that many health problems of the adult population stem from a lack of proper exercise and from being overweight.

    Our physical education program incorporates activities that reflect this philosophy.  Each child will be provided with an opportunity to participate in a variety of cooperative activities, quality movement experiences and social skills development all while promoting a healthy lifestyle.  Family support, understanding and involvement in our program enhances your child’s learning and development in physical education.

    In physical education, students will be encouraged to express themselves throughout all facets of learning.  Students will be educated in a manner that enhances self-confidence and emphasizes the value of physical fitness and sport.




    1. Regularly participate in family activities that involve fitness and motor skills.
    2. Encourage playing games that require sharing and cooperation.
    3. Attend a sporting event and discuss visible evidence of good sportsmanship.
    4. Encourage a daily physical time at home.