• Seminole Elementary Loves Volunteers!



    You can make a difference in a child’s life by volunteering at Seminole Elementary!


    We have many different kinds of opportunities for you to help, such as –


    Enrichment Clusters

    Enrichment Clusters are non-graded groups of students and adults who share a common interest. Each cluster will research, create, collaborate and design a product, performance or service based on the specific interest. There are a variety of cluster topics scheduled - some examples are Gardening, Movies, Card making, Nutrition and more! Clusters will meet every Wednesday morning from 8:40am



    Mentors work one-on-one with a student for a half an hour each week to help encourage, support, and help them develop a positive attitude towards school in order to achieve academic success. To participate in the mentoring program you must register as a volunteer with Pinellas County Schools and attend a two hour Mentor Workshop.  At this workshop you will learn useful information about being a mentor and a role model, as well as, the policies and procedures of mentoring in Pinellas County Schools. For upcoming Mentor Workshop dates, see the Additional Resources section below.


    Business Partnership

    Business Partners work with our school by donating materials, money or man-power. We appreciate any and all donations. No gift is too small!


    Great American Teach-In

    The annual Duke Energy “Great American Teach-In,” is a part of Pinellas County Schools annual American Education Week celebration. It will be occurring this year on Wednesday, November 15th. This educational event is a special opportunity for members of the community to participate in speaking to students for an hour, a few hours, or the entire day! Participants are able to provide a personal perspective on their career choice, trades or personal experiences pertaining to education or overcoming obstacles personally or professionally. We are seeking speakers for this event in order to make it a success at Seminole Elementary! Contact us to reserve your spot today.




    All Pinellas County School volunteers must be registered. Please contact our Family & Community Liaison at Seminole Elementary at (727) 547-7668 if you are interested or would like more information.


    Additional Resources

    Volunteer in a Pinellas County School

    Mentor & Tutor Workshops