Starkey Elementary

Title I - Parent Resources

*Title I at Starkey Elementary

  • Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation’s schools.

  • The goal of Title I is a higher quality of education for every child. Its purpose is to address the academic needs of students and to assist them in meeting their state’s academic standards.

  • The program serves millions of children in public elementary and secondary schools each year including eligible students in private schools.

  • Title I funds are used by schools and districts for a variety of programs and activities designed to increase children’s academic achievement (especially in reading and math). This year our Starkey received $140,600 that we will use to fund technology, reading support personnel, and professional development opportunities for our teachers.

  • Schools work to identify students most in need of educational help. The schools set goals for improvement, measure student progress, using standards set forth by the state of Florida, develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction, and involve parents in all aspects of the program. Title I seeks to provide supplemental support to schools and students that may not be meeting the standards the state has set for all children.

  • This year we will be asking parents to sign our School Compacts when we meet with you individually during parent conferences.