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    In our current environment, with a variety of learning options for our students, it is especially important for our Parent Academy workshops to provide parents, families and the community with the necessary tools and skills to support students academically, socially, and emotionally. 

    We are busy getting new and relevant workshops lined up to assist our families in this new journey.  Look forward to a series of POWER HOUR online workshops on the following important topics. All webinars will be recorded and posted in the resource section below for viewing.  



    All sessions will be 5:30-6:30 PM- registration links and descriptions to come!

    September 29    Dads, Grandpas, Brothers and Uncles- We Need You! 

    October 13         Behind Every Data Point is a Child

    October 15         Literacy and Family Reading

    October 20         Know your Resources

    October 27         Cyber Safety

    November 10     Rejuvenating Your Joy


    It's a Different World- Setting Your Home for Digital Learning 

    Shifting the education setting to home can be very overwhelming.  How can I work, and manage student learning simultaneously?  This workshop will provide parents with ideas for setting up daily schedules for each student, spatial boundaries, reporting systems, communication systems between teacher, student, and parent, an accountability system for checking student work, and much more.



    Wildly Important Wellness- Building Resilience in Challenging Times

    Presented by our partners at Franklin Covey Education, this session will recognize that stress is a threat to wellness and impacts relationships. Participants will gain the ability to understand and maintain balance (mind, body, heart and spirit), get strategies to prevent burnout, learn how to build resilience and leave with an action plan for self renewal. 



    Oops!  My Child is Off Task- Self Discipline Strategies

    How can I make my home learning center manageable for all parties? This workshop will help attendees understand the importance of establishing foundational strategies that will minimize behavioral disruption. They will have an opportunity to speak directly with experts on behavior management and to collaborate and share out successful strategies with other parents and families. Lastly, participants will create their “at home” plan to keep their scholars on task.  



    Dare to Lead  

    This session was presented by Doris Chavez-Linville, MS. Ed. and Certified Dare To LeadTM Facilitator. Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program with the following objectives:

    • Discover the Heart of Daring Leadership
    • Understand the four skill sets of courage that can be learned:
      • Rumbling with vulnerability
      • Living into our values
      • BRAVING trust
      • Learning to rise
    • Identify your call to courage
    • Be invited to be courageous

    This session was unable to be recorded but resources are available Dare to Lead Resources


    Teams: Owning My Learning 

    How do you help your child OWN their own learning in this Teams distance environment? Participants will learn key strategies to help students take ownership of their studies and understand the importance of keeping their child engaged. You will hear perspectives and have an opportunity to ask questions from the panelists- a teacher, principal, and digital learning specialist. 



    Eagle Eye: Encouraging Appropriate Online Usage

    We have found a high energy, interactive, up-to-the-minute relevant live webinar for families on how to keep your kids safe with the most popular apps online!  It is offered FREE from a small company in California called Smart Social and the presenter is Josh Ochs.  


    5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Fortnite, YouTube & Netflix

    Participants will learn:

    -how much adult/dangerous content is available on every social media app
    -the dangers of Instagram and TikTok parents NEED to know about
    -what features your kids MUST disable on Snapchat
    -how to work WITH your kids to use social media with a purpose (and lower arguments)
    -tips and tools you can use to keep your kids safe online

    During the webinar Josh will reference books and videos for purchase and will also invite your family to become a VIP (Very Informed Parent) member.  These items do have a cost but are completely optional.  There is lots of great FREE CONTENT in the presentation.

    View the Session Recording


    The Emotional Reality of Learning at Home:  Meeting the Needs of Students and Their Families

    Students’ basic physical and emotional needs must be met before we can expect them to engage in learning whether at school or now, at home. The COVID-19 pandemic finds teachers and families struggling to set appropriate goals and parameters for in-home learning.

    Listen to national family engagement expert and author Dr. Steve Constantino and licensed psychologist, author, and emotional intelligence expert, Dr. Adam Sáenz as they discuss the emotional and academic attributes of learning at home and provide suggestions and ideas for educators navigating the difficulties of learning during COVID-19.

    View the Session Recording