Overview- Center for Gifted Studies

  • Elisa Nelson Elementary offers north-county gifted students in grades 1-5 an opportunity for full-time gifted services. Students will learn from gifted endorsed teachers, collaborate with gifted classmates and experience advanced, accelerated curriculum in the areas they need to help them grow their gifts and talents. This program focuses on who your child is as a gifted learner, not just what they can do. Advanced, integrated, accelerated gifted curriculum will be used daily with the Florida Gifted Frameworks as the foundation to provide daily gifted services. Special focus is placed on critical and creative thinking as well as social-emotional development.

    Students will experience the school-wide enrichment model where they will work weekly in interest-based groups with their peers to create original products.


    • Full-Time Gifted Services
    • Advanced Gifted Curriculum
    • Critical & Creative Thinking
    • Social-Emotional Curriculum
    • Gifted-Endorsed Teachers
    • Opportunities for Challenge
    • Interest-Based Learning
    • School-Wide Enrichment Model 


    • Critically examine the complexity of knowledge
    • Create, adapt and assess multifaceted questions
    • Conduct thoughtful research and exploration
    • Think creatively and critically to solve real-world problems
    • Assume leadership roles
    • Set and achieve personal, academic and career goals
    • Create and communicate a variety of authentic products

     Students in this program have a feeder assurance to Dunedin Highland Middle School's Center for Gifted Studies.