• Dress Code


    The dress code policy adopted by the learning community at our school is designed to enhance student learning in a caring and nurturing environment.  Our dress code policy promotes solidarity and school pride among our students attending the Center for Gifted Studies and the Center for Literacy Innovation.  Students have choices for both tops and bottoms. 

    In addition to the Pinellas County Schools’ dress code policy at https://www.pcsb.org/Page/15060, Elisa Nelson students must adhere to the following:

    Students may wear a solid white, light blue or burgundy shirt. Shirts may be button down or polo in style.  Shirts should be one solid color, free from any brand logos. Logo Polo shirt may be worn on any school day.  Logo polo shirts are available for purchase through the PTA.

    Students may wear solid navy blue or solid khaki bottoms in the form of a skirt, shorts, pants, a skort or jumper. Shorts and pants must be worn around the waist and fit properly. Athletic pants are not part of our dress code. Jeans can only be worn on Friday.

    Approved school spirit shirts may be worn on Friday with jeans, khaki, or navy bottoms in the form of a skirt, shorts, pants, a skort or jumper. In addition, fifth grade students may wear their 5th grade shirt. 

    Closed toe athletic shoes or dress shoes must be worn daily as part of the uniform. Sneakers are required for PE and are strongly preferred every day. “Heelies” or any shoes with wheels are not allowed. Socks are a required part of the uniform as well. Socks do not have to be any particular color; however, they should be school appropriate.