• Principal's Message

    I am honored to serve as the Principal of the brand new Elisa Nelson Elementary- Center for Gifted Studies & Literacy Innovation.  Welcome students, parents, grandparents and members of the community!  The opening of this North County Center will mark the FIRST of its kind to offer a unique opportunity with the Center for Gifted Studies and Literacy Innovation within the school. This combination is a brilliant design that promises new ways to bring together expert teachers, researchers from the University of South Florida, administrators, & district level leadership to combine forces and build collaborative learning spaces which empower students to develop as thinkers and innovators.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to bring all that I have experienced and learned with me to this wonderful community.

    The single most important factor for a student’s success in school is her or his teacher.  As your principal, I aspire to engage only the best teachers to serve our students.  Administration and teacher leaders will work collaboratively to ensure that teachers are valued and recognized for their efforts through celebrations, leadership opportunities, consistent and supportive feedback, and meaningful professional development.

    In classrooms, our students will take charge of their own learning through goal setting and student-led conferencing with parents and teachers. Through reflective conversations and self-initiated learning adjustments by students, we will strengthen student agency as the foundation of all teaching and learning.

    Achievement for all students is rooted in the understanding and acceptance that children have different needs and learning styles.  It is within my role to support teachers in learning about students not only through test scores but also through their families and their unique personalities.  To this end, strong school-family partnerships through a shared vision of success for all students is imperative. I invite you to come together to establish our school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and School Advisory Council (SAC), which will serve as a platform for families to connect and contribute.  

    Parents, grandparents, and members of the community, I want to thank you for your continued support of all the amazing programs at our school that are designed to benefit each and every child at our school. 

    I am excited to begin working with your children, and look forward to the work WE will do together. You can expect me to create a variety of opportunities for you as parents and guardians to be involved and provide input in every aspect of our learning community. 

    Be sure to visit the "Get Engaged" tab on this website to learn about ways you can be involved!  

    Your involvement will make all the difference!

    Hema Adhia,