Green Devil's Pantry & Closet


    Are you a Closeteer?  What's a Closeteer, you ask?  Someone who supports SPHS' Closet.  Now in its 14th year it is so successful, other schools in Pinellas, neighboring states AND Australia have modeled theirs after ours.

    The Green Devil's Pantry & Closet serves any member of the SPHS family when life gets in the way.  Clients may receive undergarments, toiletries, cleaning supplies, food, and school supplies.  Only 6x8' in size, we accept specific items such as:

    SPHS labeled shirts and hoodies, collared polo shirts, gently used bras and new underpants and socks. We do not accept other clothing, formal wear, or shoes.   Toiletries are always needed with women's deodorant being the biggest "mover", followed by  sanitary products, toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Bookbag sized lotions (hotel sized) and hand sanitizer plus pocket packs of Kleenex are gratefully accepted.  We welcome school supplies, backpacks and makeup bags.   Small increment gift cards are useful in allowing Mrs. Keim to buy family-specific items with a copy of the receipt returned to the donor.  For food items, it must be easy to open, prepare and eat; such as peanut butter, crackers with peanut butter, soups, ramen noodles (particularly those in the cups), Vienna sausages, cereal, granola and cereal bars, nuts, microwave popcorn, macaroni and cheese (boxed), canned pasta of any type, tuna plus mayo and mustard, pre-made meals in a dish, bagged type of juices, and healthy snacks.  Nothing needs to be name brand.  Think:  what would $5 buy in food that will feed a family and also, if I had only $5 to spend, what would I need to buy  that food stamps might not?  How about detergent, hand soap, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels--all items we might take for granted.

    Questions can be directed to Tracey Keim at or call 727-709-9841.  Drop off donations in the main office after school starts.  You may also have items shipped directly to Mrs. Keim at SPHS.  Follow us on FB @GDPantry


    Download More Information on GDPC in pdf format